Terrible things people post on social media


I looked into this more to try and work out what was going on. She’s the daughter of the guy who runs that 10x conference thing, so this is also good old-fashioned child exploitation. :upside_down_face:


Also super creepy in the way she is dressed and made up, and clearly coached to imitate an adult.

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Pretty sure it’s actually a robot tbh

Thought it was the girl from Orphan

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Misread that first bit and thought he’d actually named his child Work From Hospital


Smileys they’ve used to anonymise just add a whole new level :smiley:

Oh and this reply

Oh wait, my mate posted this one

Tempted to put this on the ‘rolling descent’ thread.


Would be well up for a campaign like that if the MP had to do the portrait themselves.


Bankrupt the country by constantly requesting pictures of the queen and drawing willys on em.


Would quite like it if the MP just sent you a fiver in the post instead.

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I’m sure it’s being discussed in the sport section but I have that muted and TBH this is beyond football for its shithousery


something kind of hilarious about this guy paying instagram to promote his 6 min long video of him stood next to his laptop in his mams garden so that it could appear in my feed and i can post it in the terrible things on social media thread on community dot drowned in sound dot com

I hadn’t checked in on this thread in a while so when I saw this and noted that the post was a fortnight old, I assumed it would have ridiculed and removed. Nope. Still there.

I’d actually prefer it (only in relative terms obviously) if he meant every word of that. He most likely doesn’t, and just likes “triggering snowflakes”. Those are the people I despise even more, the ones who just enjoy winding people up.

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Not sure where this is from but outstanding stuff

What’s the catholic objection to a world without borders anyway, once you take out the weird comparison to drag queens?

Given how much time Republicans spend complaining about red tape it appears the tenets of the Republican party are mostly optional as well. Strange, confused people.

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Bet this bloke’s fun at parties.