Terrible things people post on social media

And just who are these human-shaped turds and how are you acquainted with them?

“Amazing 3 ingredient cheesecake. Works and is yumo.
1kg yogurt mixed with one tin condensed milk. Crush packet of biscuits and pour crumbs in a microwave proof container. I used glass. Pour the yogurt mixture on top of crumbs. Microwave for 5 min. Cool n eat. Works with low fat yogurt. NO butter mixed in crumbs. When the yogurt cooks it makes crumbs hard. The yogurt turns into a soft cream cheese when cool. Did i say yumo ?? Oh definitely.”

Fuck off.

1kg yogurt ?! :smiley:

Did you say yumo ???

it’s always evening somewhere in the world loool shut up

(i’m not telling you to shut up foxy)

Acceptable morning drinking situations:

After a morning interview/exam
Test Match
Away day
Music Festival
Sporting event happening in a different time zone
Beer Festival
Stag/Hen do


So Davros is being victimised by our country’s backwards assembly line education system. I had to cancel my reservation at that hot new bar that’s just opened – the one that serves infant formula milk in promotional McDonald’s glasses from the 1980s – because the philistine headteacher at Davros’ primary school has called me in about a bullying problem.

There’s no point trying to communicate with these people, with this neoconservative system. So I explained to him that I had personally taught Davros about love and tolerance; that Davros was obviously being ironic and subverting the traditional bully-bullyee relationship by stealing (or redistributing?) that seven-year-old Goldman-Sachs shill corporate charlatan Benny Entwhistle’s dinner money.

He’s shining a light on the hypocrisies of late capitalism, turning the hierarchies and systems on their heads… and this formalwear buffoon just stifles Davros’ individuality.

#whenwillwelearn #aheadofyourtime


THIS :100:

Fair point


it’s yumo, mate

Best (partial) sentence I’ve read today

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Saw a post on Facebook the other week that said something like ‘share this if you love a full English breakfast and not one of those foreign baguettes’. It looked like a parody of something that a UKIPer might post. Think I might start drinking coffee out of a bowl just to annoy them


that couple who refused to walk down the aisle thing is AMAZING

Not sure if this is the place to post it, but I feel it would be a waste not to share. Almost lost in a rambling, incoherent rant about our PTA is this little beaut.



Can’t stop thinking about this, the pure delicious irony. I made this last night to reply to her post, but the aggro it would provoke would be large and wide-ranging, so I’ve completely bottled it and I’ll make do with putting it here. She’s an awful woman though, so I’ll hold it in reserve.


do it do it do it


‘Be like Dave’

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"A lady on Question Time just said she is having trouble explaining Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump to her primary children, how hard can it be?

On one side you have a big Orange Man with silly hair, who dislikes anyone who isn’t white, even though he is Oranger than a wotsit. Big Orange Man also wants to build a wall to keep away the Mexicans, but he doesn’t have any lego to build the wall with or any friends to build the wall for him, so he wants the nice Mexicans to bring their lego and build the wall for him. But then he won’t let the nice Mexicans come in and play when the Mexicans have built the wall and also he’s going to make them pay for building the wall. Big Orange Man has many crazy supporters who want to “Make America Great Again” even though no one is quite sure what this means, the best guess is it means a return to the days of the 1950’s, when anyone who wasn’t a good ole white Christian boy from Alabama was a second class citizen.

On the other side you have a Petulant Little Lady who is married to a former president, because of this she always storms to the front of class and believes this entitles her to play with everyone’s toys, even though 8 years ago the rest of America told her to go away because they preferred nice Mr Obama. Petulant Little Lady, likes fights, she really likes big fights, actually whenever there is the opportunity to vote on a big fight, she has voted for them, this sounds a lot like that nasty man who we used to know Mr Bush. Petulant Little Lady also likes accepting money from anyone and everyone, it really doesn’t matter who they are, she has actually spent more on this election than Big Orange Man who is a billionaire and Petulant Little Lady likes to make sure this money stays with her friends, The Wall Street Gang who don’t like sharing their toys with anybody from outside this gang.

While all this is happening in the corner we have nice Grandpa Bernie, Grandpa Bernie was a very sensible man, but because he wasn’t rich, he wasn’t allowed to play with the toys, even though he had enough friends to make sure the evil Big Orange Man never would have had a chance in the first place. Now for the next 4 years America is screwed, until in 2020 when nice Mrs Warren or Mr Castro can sort this entire mess out."

^ the nadir of British Berniebros having a little cry