Terrible things people post on social media


Peace and love




“Remember that time when you were looking at a sunset by the sea and I snuck up behind you and pushed you in the water? Happy days man! Happy days eh?”


"Hey, there are some brownies in the kitchen that I made!“
five minutes later
"Oh these brownies are delicious…”
“They’ve got a secret ingredient. You have to guess”
“Hmm… courgette?”
“Okay I give up”
“Shall I tell you?”





I don’t get this, is it saying there are badgers in the brownies?


Yeah that was the joke. The secret ingredient is actually some kind of bean.


Why do BBC write like that? They don’t have paid advertising for fuck’s FFS.


It’s becoming more and more prevalent - it’s like their whole content strategy is now influenced by buzzfeed.


It’s really, really irritating. I’d understand if they were doing it on the content that has paid advertising overseas, but there is literally a 5 things we learned from Later With Jools Holland article on there today.


Almost every fucking one’s content nowadays is influenced by Buzzfeed. It’s decimating journalism (though I am not sure if it is 10% that’s fucked up or 90% - probably the latter).


“Fifty Ways To Photoshop The Balonz Balloon. #27 Will Make You Piss Yourself Laughing!”


Even away from the Buzzfeed-style articles, they seem to have adopted a much more informal and conversational style across a lot of the news website. It’s quite infuriating.


big thumbs-up for the correct use of ‘decimating’, there. :+1:


It’s one of my bugbears in the world of journalism. :slight_smile:


A lot of their articles promise lots from the headline and then the article is something completely different or if just tails off like they couldn’t be bothered to finish properly.


Cant believe i read this


Fuck. Off.


Fucking hell. This wins the thread.


So, like every single article anywhere on the internet?