Terrible things people post on social media




private, innit


Yeah. Couldn’t think of a thread.


who could forget the campaign for Mercia to be independent


also this is from a fb friend who’s from Barcelona, which sort of makes it weirder


saw this the other day:



Worst example I’ve ever seen of people liking a joke because they understand it rather than because it’s actually funny.


This fucks me off on so many levels

  1. “Her silence was all he needed to hear.” What the fuck does this even mean? How does it fit into the rest of this horrible, strangled metaphor we’re going for?

  2. If I was playing games and winning and somebody kept pressing reset, I would frankly be annoyed with that person.

  3. What could you even be doing that necessitated continually pressing reset and then finally DELETE? How badly would you have to be fucking up your spreadsheet for that to be the case?

Avoiding work rn guys



That’s some serious post/username interface right there…


I’m interested in these adventures Prince Philip apparently had




Ah the “freshly interred from grave” type fairy tale adventure


women love that stuff, right?


Disney adults are so fucking weird


Anyone had any tributes to Las Vegas that has included a selection of that persons holiday snaps of Vegas?

I’ve seen one from someone I used to work with and I despair.

One included just a picture of both of them? Like not in front of any special Las Vegas landmark. Just all them.


^this. i work with a bunch of them. today a 34 year-old woman in my office got the hump because somebody had put her disney mug in a different cupboard from the usual one.




i saw a bunch of tweets yesterday along the lines of “we stayed in that hotel/a hotel nearby x weeks/months/years ago. that could have been us.” which irked me a great deal.