Terrible things people post on social media


I stayed at the Mandalay Bay 12 years ago. Until now, I’ve not told anyone that fact. Oh. Damn it!


thoughts and prayers at this immensely difficult time


Because in this house, we are obligated to do Disney


Everyone I know that has been to Vegas also fired a load of machine guns in the desert. Thankfully they haven’t shared these memories at this given time.


Just terrible on so many levels (two)


Disappointed with mine. I wanted to be Dougie.


Why do they add those unwieldy extras? Referencing “Piers Morgan” isn’t particularly funny anyway but adding “being appropriate” to the end is just plain bizarre.

Also perpetuates this idea that Piers Morgan is some kind of transgressive destabiliser of social norms and graces instead of simply an irredeemable twat.


Could’ve cut this down a lot by simply writing ‘Heads - Undead Politician, Tails - Sex Woman’


I got flaccid 9am lecture. I guess I’ll wear a blazer with elbow patches, coffee breath and an overhead projector? With a massive flaccid cock on top.


Horny MILF…

Something about your moms…


They’re all a bit “£5/£4 NUS, Old Blue Last”


someone’s asking for recommendations of what to do in New York. Find it really annoying that loads of people are piling in trying to hook them up with people they know. Like, the repliers don’t care if the OP and their mates meet up with each other or not (they definitely won’t - the OP has stated about four times now that she doesn’t need a place to stay etc), they just want everyone to know they have mates in NYC. One person just posted “in case of emergency, contact my cousin [name], age 80, [full address and phone number]”. As if she’s gonna do that in an emergency?


how the fuck are you meant to dress up like a sexy 9am lecture

is that the joke? It’s a bad joke.


It’s a bad idea + bad execution combo


That last been has done me for some reason… “Hello old man stranger, I am a British person in need of assistance.”


Contrived bants between museums / places of interest

It started with the Natural History Museum vs the Science Museum

And now cathedrals have got in on the act.

Bit embarrassing for all concerned.


Agreed but willing to give museums/charities/arts organisations a pass on this if it helps them.


Reeeeeaaalllly cringey shit, this.

Remember when all those brands had a chat on twitter - didn’t it turn out they all had the same marketing guys, so it just some twat tweeting to themself using various brand accounts.


I begrudgingly agree (still find it really cringey though)


It’s certainly more palatable than the Southern Trains minimum wage boy on Twitter.