Terrible things people post on social media


Guys, Epimer PMd me the garage and it’s great. Proper good day’s work there.


It’s also up to 16 likes, consisting of :+1: and :open_mouth:s


For reference, the last picture of their child is at 32 likes.




Didn’t know where this was going but very much enjoyed it. 8/10.



“Is” gets initialised first time round… not second though.


Posting shit content on the internet is something I can do that isn’t taxed, regulated or illegal.

So many posts these days end with them saying they’ll wait. Poor fuckers, sat there waiting for someone to engage.


posting content on the internet is definitely regulated, you can’t post literally anything you want to


You paid VAT on whatever device you’re using to shitpost, also.


state of this. cunt seems to get all his political opinions from minions meme pages


There’s a curiously large % of Baby Boomers who seem convinced that they personally were involved in WWII when in fact they were born in the 1950s.


I struggle to believe that’s a direct minion quote


brusma did always have a bee in his bonnet about safe places.


don’t get that reference. is that an old DiS thing? i’m a new boards twat, sorry.


Brusma was a defender of Minions. It became A Thing.




Henning Wehn on an episode of QI:

“The war, I mean, I have to chip in now,” Mr. Wehn told the audience with faux exasperation. “Everyone in Britain takes personal credit for Britain winning it, even people that weren’t born at the time.” What about those in their 70s today? “How did you help win the war when you were just 10 years old?” Mr. Wehn asked. “You were nothing but a drain on British resources. Effectively, every 70-year-old Brit fought on the side of Nazi Germany.”



They don’t worry about it because Stress Is Now Gone Life is Easier, so it’s actually a very nuanced load of old shit