Terrible things people post on social media


Fuck off.


Dreadful grammar too: “you’re doing amazing”?





Remember the good old days when 18 year olds were sent to almost certain death, now they want to live happily, don’t know they’re born.


thats the best thing about it; it doesnt actually correlate that with anything else. if you didnt know what it was dogwhistling at, you’d think it was just an accurate description of how much better life is now.



Someone posted this to a big Facebook group I’m on, for no apparent reason


Oh my god I can’t wait to post a really long play about this absolute shaft


They don’t eat food colourings but do drink and smoke? :thinking:


I like to think they have a time schedule (with alarms) to fit all this stuff in: “Ooh, it’s 2.30 p.m., that means 10 minutes of clicking my fingers and singing to myself”


Just before bed, he sits up with a nightcap on. Cup of steaming Horlicks in one hand, telephone in the other and into which he is dispatching cruel-but-only-being-honest truth bombs


A handy guide to being the worst person in the world. :+1:



I never look at anyone as a categorization (Muslim, Christian, black, white, gay or straight) rather I see everyone as a wonderfully unique expression of life.

Let me guess, white, upper middle-class person? The levels of privilege and willful isolation necessary to have that attitude suggests so.




Some of the stuff is just a bit strange also:

  • I eat raw sauerkraut every week

Okay m8


Also, imagine the waste incurred in only drinking bottled or filtered water.


I don’t know him, and I didn’t share the photo he included. But he is white

This is his bio

“Transformational coach enabling super committed entrepreneurs & leaders to live their greatest dreams”


Ah, I kind of wished it was just a regular Joe who had been royally brainwashed.


And here is one of his recent posts


I’m always looking for who needs help and how I can serve someone to elevate the quality of their life.

They can start by falling off a fucking pier.