Terrible things people post on social media


yeah, it’s not a real account.

from banksy’s website:


Send all questions, complaints and threats to faq@banksy.co.uk.
Banksy is NOT on Facebook, Twitter or represented by Steve Lazarides or any other commercial gallery.


As I said I know it’s not actually “Banksy” (whoever or whatever that is)


oh, sorry. i misread/misunderstood your posts :frowning:


Easily done. What I can’t work out is is this account a parody or is it sincere. If the latter… why would somebody DO that.


no twitter “parody” accounts are actually parodies, theyre just an excuse to use someone’s name and likeness without getting taken down. the banksy one is sadly sincere


Nope, wrong thread.


I mean, I ageee with the sentiment but…


Can one of the Mods move this into the “Great things people post on social media” thread, please?


Careful Em. Someone famous on Twitter got in loads of trouble with the Daily Mail’s online shocktroops when they made a similar point. Lots of red faced boomer males arguing the toss and saying because they were of that era they somehow won the war too.



Did anyone post this at the time it came out?

It’s only just turned up on my newsfeed. But. VIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!


As the author says, the main priority of the new generation Y is appearance and style. Therefore, is harder for them to perceive images from the past. So, for a better perception of prominent political figures of our history, Amit Shimoni presented them as true hipsters.

Fucking hell.



JFC. Looks like you could have posted anything from that site.

On the other hand… there are some amusing diversions there. Pre-facebook-and-buzzfeed I could have enjoyed this sort of thing, but now… I dunno… is it the overwhelming prevelance that kills it?

What was once a little gem of ‘heh’ is now yet another graphic designer’s portfolio masquerading as #content.

Quite sad that we’ve come to this. But there we are.


Mein Gott.


none of those sentences have any connection to each other


Is this one Daniel Craig as Macklemore?


Yes, on his maiden trip to the First Dates restaurant.


This is also a parody account after all


I sometimes wish I could contribute to this thread more but it seems my “friends” on social media seem pretty air tight, and then facebook serves me up this absolute screamer re-posted by MY ACTUAL DA’ THREE DAYS AGO. Enjoy:


One of those where I support the sentiment but the execution is embarrassing.