Terrible things people post on social media


quite fitting that the account pretending to be banksy just posts bland nothing statements that scream the obvious, then liked by thousands of idiots.

(yes i am aware that i am basically being as heavy handed as banksy himself in pointing this out)


I’m going to spray paint this post on a wall but with a kind of hybrid of Cue Guevara and the gingerbread man from Shrek saying it


Reagan and Mandela just kinda look like themselves.


Aye sure, there’s an ok message there but get the fuck out of classic simpsons


interesting read about this guy & what happened after his shitty poems went viral


He still won’t engage with the (justified) criticisms of misogyny though, will he?


yeah, that latest poem included in the article suggests he hasn’t learned anything. I guess when that level of vitriol comes at you it’s difficult to hear the justified criticism in amongst all the other noise, idk.


The joke was way better when the Simpsons actually did it


Think that’s a big reason it’s so infuriating


The STATE of this


that one is fine


No it’s not GTFO of classic Simpsons


how come, sentiments fine, simpsons always good


Nah, get your shite out of classic Simpsons



I just find it annoying. I literally wouldn’t care if it was a post-flanderised caption (well that and atheism preachiness)


don’t think it is atheist preachiness to think resistance to all those things is pretty bad (don’t know what the score is with GMOs, think they might be safe in a scientific sense, but might be stuff around corporations being able to copyright food and stuff)


In the long term both participants are wound up within defining happiness by their relationship with property and capital so the inevitable decline of our society at the hands of an economic system gone out of control charges ever on to the point of no return


Some1 c and p it as their own post so i can like it pls thx