Terrible things people post on social media


I’m more annoyed about the use of classic Simpsons


Have times changed and you’ve had to upgrade your Instagram app yet, Meow?



Imagine thinking “likes Christmas” is a defining personality trait.


Is it you, though…?



Can’t be, I famously hate Christmas. It’s one of the most interesting things about me.


the ones in this style are the worst

  • they are indeed the absolute worst
  • ffs

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These do my head in and an annoying number of my friends share these on Facebook as though they’re completely true. Having said that my names on that list and I am going to quit my job and go travelling in 2018 so oh my god maybe they’re real after all?!!!?!


Me too!!! :exploding_head:


Paige yeah?


No, Chelsea. xx


Does anyone else get these as suggested posts on FB, or have they just clocked that I spend a substantial chunk of my life on the forum of a music website?



Getting those as well, was wondering what the fuck they were for.


For people who are tired of the internet shouting factory! (Poor Sean)



the fact it’s a photo of something that’s been printed out somehow makes it even more shit and brexity


The 50s sounds well shit.


also dubious factually


Who takes issue with rice ffs.


the slightly yellowy paper and the photo being so low quality is killing me