Terrible things people post on social media


dave curry


Well I hope he’s happy with his festive banana.


I got a load of those ads too and looked it up, it’s basically a place where people who enjoy saying “well actually” and “I think you’ll find” a lot can go and say “well actually” and “I think you’ll find” at each other in their own little private corner of the internet so the rest of us don’t have to hear them. Quite clever IMO.


Is yoghurt a new thing?


They didn’t even bother to make it rhyme!
If you’re gonna pedal that shit, at least make it semi readable rather than a rant about fucking old shit food


“The one thing that we never had on our table in the fifties… was elbows”

…and presumably all the above things you just listed?


i’ve been thinking of more

  • Eggs ushered in the winter
  • Sweetcorn whispered to you at night
  • Flan was a myth
  • Mission deli wraps were haunted
  • Oranges stalked you from the trees


It’s that it revels in both it’s ignorance and that it was actually a bit shit makes it extra annoying.


No it doesn’t.


You can read about 80% of it as being look how great food is now compared to how it was then, despite any Brexity intentions. What kind of person would see this list as a bad thing? Given how far north we are any cuisine based purely on what we can grow here would be pretty limited and we’d be living off potatoes for six months of the year.

Who’d want to live without Chinese and pizza? Not me. Think I might have croissants for breakfast tomorrow.


Exactly. Even in the nineties most food in the UK was terrible. One of the things that have genuinely improved in my lifetime tbh.


Sorry Mam


Properly done by ‘Mission deli wraps were haunted’.



  • I watch a film on Netflix at the end of most days


Anyone ending any social media comment with ‘just my opinion’ needs firing into the sun


Noticed her left hand is weird and jaundicey and now it’s doing my head in.


got one of these from a distant relative




see also ‘rant over’.