Terrible things people post on social media


Tell me one rant that isn’t over?

Let that sink in.

I’ll wait.


I saw a set of images had been shared or liked by someone with the caption “Harry Potter meets Tumblr”, combining the following two appalling Internet modes: (i) bizarre levels of obsession w/r/t Harry Potter, which as a thing is fine imo but come-on-pal-read-another-book-pal-pls and (ii) the thing where an image will contain both a joke and then for no clear reason Tumblr users reacting to said jokes in an awful Internetty dialect.

This is the one that fascinated me enough to make me stop the work I actually am meant to be doing and post here; look how the Tumblr comment adds literally nothing



someone I work with has one of these. He’s the guy you don’t want to get into a conversation with and if you do, look for a way to escape as quickly as possible.




I’m a teetotaller and that’s making me want to drink copiously and hijack a tractor


Also, just get absolutely leathered and take Fido along for the drive. Genuinely sounds like a fun bonding experience between man and beast.


Ah man, just read this for the first time and nearly had to leave the living room :joy:


eedited as seemed mean



“You get smashed!”
“Make sure you’re not playing with lightweights!”
“They’ll be on their faces in minutes!“
Pissed goon passes out and falls off table
”…And drink responsibly.”

The absolute audacity.


i recognise that angle he’s leaning at, thus causing me to enjoy the post



That’s got to be one of THE most terrible. An outright lie.


lmao fucking idiots, there are no blue “I :heart: the IRA” t-shirts, unless the boy got himself a limited edition or summat.


“Lebanese (Christian)”


My Lebanese (Christian) mate enjoys ticking white (other) on those kinda boxes


Shared by the same cretin


Send me some photos of him and I’ll show him what I can do with Photoshop! :slight_smile:


I really hope he got Mother’s permission for this.


Seen on the Facebooks earlier.

Is it…

  • An irritating humblebrag
  • Shit that never happened
  • Both
  • Neither

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