Terrible things people post on social media


Poor Andy


why uppity black artists shouldn’t be nasty to hardworking daily mail journalists by umm “thea de gallier”


this car crashes itself, it’s truly amazing work.


She’s definitely someone who would describe herself as a ‘creative’.


That’s because they’re not true friends



just did that great thing of reading something, agreeing with it, then realising i knew the person writing…

one of the replies (quite far down) is (pretty sure i’ve got this right) from icouldwinarabbit


“what’s the crack?

Hnnngh. Craic, you shithouse.


If I understand right, most British journalists these days went to public school and are from wealthy backgrounds, right?


sorry to slightly go OT but is everyone else’s facebook ticker gone?


My uncle just shared this


Pretty sure I’ve seen this one before - it’s like it’s been created in a lab. A lab for arseholes


It’s like someone saw that food one and realised it would be better if it rhymed.


Ah the classic shit. We Milennials can only imagine what it must have been like to cut bread with a knife.


When was corned beef banned? :confused:


It wasn’t but should be.


I suspect the timeline was as follows: he remembered the corned beef of his childhood, went searching in the cupboards for it and ate it - ignoring the best before date because that’s just political correctness gone seriously baffled. At this point he was hit with a swirling miasma of nonsensical, incoherent, and semi-nostalgic hallucinations which only stopped once he’d shat it all out like some sort of lower tax-bracket ayahuasca ritual.

Author Unknown, because what does it mean to know, maaaan?


I remember the corned beef of my childhood
We revelled in family penury
No-one heard of a microwave oven
Also known as the devil’s machinery
Women were best in the kitchen
They were happy and knew their place
And if they showed dis-satisfaction
It was gone with a slap to the face.
They’d discipline kids with a ruler
Celebs could abuse with impunity
But they were just funny eccentrics!
With weird prosecution immunity.
The 3 day week was amazing
Candlelight is always much cosier
But I’ll struggle to see all these problems
If these glasses get any rosier
Of course we had fun in our childhoods
Getting old is such a shitter
And so, we can only conclude
I’m just jaded and bitter.


i’m surprised how much this is winding me up


Tell you what mate, print this out, take a photo, whack it on Facebook and you’re gonna go viral :ok_hand:

I forgot to point out a couple of extra bits. It was shared from a group called ‘Growing Up in U.K. in the 50s/60s’. Also, my uncle never married. Can’t imagine why!