Terrible things people post on social media


and make sure it’s comic sans, obviously




ooh sorry

guess they didn’t have comic sans back in the good old days


Genuinely had an argument with my mother-in-law a couple of years ago about whether Word was better than a typewriter. She’d be all over this thing.


word to your mother is overrated





just to let you know [FRIEND] i love you dearly


“Tell you what, pal, assume I wish you a happy new year unless I’m literally kicking your door in and condemning your soft furnishings to the flame of my unadulterated hatred”


If he is so keen on the old days maybe he could, I don’t know, stop writing things using a computer and posting it on the internet?


Tbf this might be a quality joke but I’m so confused by this card that people on Instagram are writing :joy: at.

Because… you don’t want to say what it is? Is the joke just that it’s a Harry Potter word?


I’ve read all the books and seen all the films during my time on this earth and I have no idea what the hell this is

I mean the Harry Potter ones ya know, the main series and that. I’m not that Greek fella


my guess would be that it’s a reference to the state he was in between his failed attempt to kill harry and his return in book 4

he was reduced to having almost no physical form so his weight was almost zero


got to make sure the author is unknown, not worth sharing otherwise


When people say stuff like this I always reel this off until they fuck off


i thought it was a ‘shall not be named’ reference but either way, doesn’t really work.



fucking hell


Military humour, nostalgia and wit*

*old racists


If they like institutionalised violence so much, can we just arrange for the police to batter everyone who shares this SHIIIIITE?


Year: 1969