Terrible things people post on social media


Infuriating to see this labelled as wit. It’s witty like Nigel Farage is witty.


I guess this is more terrible people on social media


Another layer of irkage: in the absence of an Oxford comma I’m assuming that it’s supposed to be “humour, nostalgia and wit” of a military nature (rather than some military humour + some nostalgia + some wit). But this is about the police. And as much as they might wish otherwise, police ain’t military.





The most infuriating thing for me is (a) his apology claiming (along with the usual “I’m human and I make mistakes like somehow this” crap) that it was meant to “raise awareness”, and (b) some people claiming that others are taking it “too seriously”, more irksome when they don’t even parrot the “awareness-raising” bullshit.


Whoever made this has already ruined 2018 more than Logan Paul and Toby Young.


A new low.


This is exactly what I’d have said if I’d seen it, so I can’t hate it too much.


Tbf I think that everytime I see a ‘Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted’ sign


Please as Bill Payer’s permission before calling.


My favourite is whenever a “Beeston Van Hire” vehicle goes past thinking about my grandad saying he thinks he’ll get in the next Dutch world cup squad.

Absolute clouter, tbf.


Excellent dad-joking.

That reminds me of a letter to Viz, where somebody said they were driving along the motorway and thought they saw Van Morrison in the rear mirror, but turned around and it was just a Morrisons’ Van.

We’ve gone slightly off-topic there



Fucking hate shit like this, all done for the #numbers. Especially when people lap it up. Would be so much funnier if it tanked and they went through all that effort for nothing.


oh god. I’ve been making similar jokes about south wales based transport hire vehicles Barry Van Hire for about 20 years. And I’m pretty sure Hertz Van Rental is due a call up as well :slight_smile:


To be fair this person is performing a public service by letting you know they’re going to continue being an absolute cunt so you can safely ignore them for the foreseeable future.

Also absolutely cast iron guarantee that anyone who moans about people being too easily offended finds it very easy to be offended themselves, whether it’s immigration, gay marriage or bins only being collected every two weeks, etc.


I prefer Chapeltown van Sloterdijk