Terrible things people post on social media


Think you got lost on the way to the Great Things Posted on Social Media thread, mate


The most annoying thing about this is that it’s not sorted properly into lines.

Also the fact that it’s shit and bad.


So tempted to go to Poundland to buy a bunch of stuff to throw together into some demented costume, and then go round this person’s house insisting that “Hey! It’s me! The Uncle Gordo! Remember me from your family?” and then see how long I can rattle off my classic The Uncle Gordo catchphrases ^ before they figure out I’m only there to steal their pasta sauces and other ingredients.

^ which catchphrases include the following:

  • “Keep watching that news!”
  • “Here! What did you fry these chips in? HUMAN PISS?”
  • “As my old grandpatriarch used to say: just because you’ve never seen something, doesn’t mean that your old The Uncle Gordo couldn’t kick its chuffin’ head in!”
  • “I’m a chimney!”


the spirit of Jonathan Swift lives on in this cutting satire


The person who posted this was a long-term vegetarian who went vegan for veganuary last year and never looked back. He has spent the past 12 months posting similarly intellectual images on his instagram.

to be fair, I’m sure vegans get a lot of shit that I don’t get exposed to because my friends (mostly) aren’t dicks, so maybe that’s where the victim complex comes from but … “war on christmas”??


I’m often baffled by the vitriol that vegans are on the receiving end of. It’s the same kind of rage that some reserve for people on the opposite end of the political spectrum, which is at least kind of understandable according to the warped nightmare-logic of online discourse.

I can guarantee though that no-one will ever change or reflect upon their views at seeing, for example:

MARLON: Hey Roscoe look at that vegan over there what an idiot ahahahaha

ROSCOE: Oh yes har har let us mock him

MOBY: Stop it. I am a vegan because I like animals and meat is made out of animals and to make the meat they have to kill the animals

MARLON: Milk isn’t meat though

MOBY: No but they get the milk out the chickens by cutting them in half with a big axe

MARLON: To be fair, Roscoe that does sound bad

ROSCOE: Yes and I feel like this intolerance was out of character for us

MARLON: We are but ciphers Roscoe. What happens to us between the gaps in this continuity? I have begun to consider this. Try to think what happened yesterday.

ROSCOE: You’re overreacting. Why, yesterday – … we… yesterday… I … why can I not remember? What is happening.

MARLON: Our world is in disarray in a kind of metaphysically structural sense or something

MOBY picks up his mobile telephone

MOBY: Hey my friend David Lynch, I’ve got that new thematic concern you’ve been looking for

DAVID LYNCH: I like the Back to the Future reference Moby


Waiting with baited breath for the ‘second of all’ now.




yeah it was meo


Think this might be the quintessential wza post :slight_smile:


I posted a facebook status about something that happened yesterday



Every time someone tries to draw a stereotypical Biffer they look like Smash Hits '87 fan art of Jimmy Somerville


I guess you could say this is peak dark fruits/Fiat 500 Facebook


an American acquaintance just shared… this.

I. Um.


I find anti-vaccination stuff fascinating (and infuriating obviously), in that it demonstrates that when people do the paranoid rejection of the expert opinion thing they must actually believe it because they are willing to risk their kids lives, so makes me think other similar mentality (global warming, to a lesser extent brexit) that they probably really do sincerely believe it (maybe most people would say ‘yeah obviously’, but guess I have always been pretty cynical and assumed people just ignored the experts because it goes against how they want things to be)


No I know what you mean. I was about to say it’s almost like a religion but then that’s what the post illustrates in the first place. Prone to believing in things that can’t be proven? Well then step right up my friend.


I spent several days last year arguing with people in the comments of a daily mail Facebook post that claimed aluminium in vaccines may cause autism, totally irrational people, all I got back for my points was ‘haha’ reactions


I love a verb surname. Used to work with a guy called James Rumbles. I never found out why he rumbled.


I get so many bad targeted band ads on facebook, but this took the absolute biscuit



My worst targeted ad on Facebook? Muslim singles dating. FFS.