Terrible things people post on social media


Of all the daft, badly-reasoned vaccination arguments, that one… actually makes a certain amount of sense given the overall belief system. It’s led me to looking up things like MRC-5, which, yeah, originally came from the lung cells of an aborted fetus back in 1996 as it turns out, and is present in a lot of vaccines. So if you are against abortion, then I can see why you would be against these vaccinations in particular. I disagree with their conclusions and anyone who claims to know what God does or doesn’t agree with, but I can at least understand the reasoning here.


Mine: the Conservative Party


Mine: Milo Yiannopolous. Had to google the fucker to even know who he was. Actually quite concerned that I get right-wing stuff pushed at me on Facebook and even recommended tweets emailed directly to me on Twitter from Britain First type people that I don’t follow, or know anyone who follows, or have ever looked at. Like the only time I have ever looked at right wing commentators Facebook or Twitter is when they’ve been in the news or I’m looking them up to see who they are because either of those two sites is ‘recommending’ them to me. Why am I getting this? Is it because they’re paying to have their posts promoted, or do social media sites think I’m some kind of anti-muslim, Britain first, Brexit-voting nutjob?


That’s what they want you to think! Wake up sheeple!?

You’ve got to give it to them, no matter how insane they are conspiracy theories can generally be pretty water tight because when faced with logic or reason you can just claim that it’s brainwashing, that’s what they want you to say etc. If they think the majority has been hoodwinked and they are the only ones who know the truth then they can basically ignore anyone who tries to reason with them, even when it’s the vast majority.


What’s your point about this, out of interest?


I get this a lot.


Only that I immediately wrote it all off as nonsense, which most of it still is, but it meant that I did actually look in to some things that I never knew about. It’s as much about my ignorance of these things as anything else. It has been an interesting learning exercise, which is the last thing I expected it to be. In hindsight, looking at the bit you highlighted, it looks a bit crass to be just lobbing it out there like that though, I probably should have thought of that.

I am not anti-abortion in any way, if that’s what you thought I was getting at. Oh my, no.


No that wasn’t my point. It was more that human/animal cell lines are widely used in research and often in vaccine production so I was curious that you felt that traces of a cell line could equate a health risk. Haven’t done any reading on the subject myself so was just curious.


With you now.

I think you misread my intention here. I wasn’t insinuating health risk at all, even if they were, I am pro-vaccination. It was really only a “well, how about that, you learn something every day!” thing. I thought the cell-stuff (for want of a better phrase) was interesting, it was something I knew nothing about and now know very very very slightly less than nothing about. That’s all.


This sort of thing makes me shudder at the horrifyingly vivid realisation at just what post-Brexit Britain may look like


yeah it is bizarre, people who claim to have their kids best interests at heart, I link them to extremely credible sources about the death and brain damage rates from vaccine preventable diseases and they just give the ‘haha’ response, genuinely can’t fathom it ‘haha science wanting to save kids lives, haha’


I think I can beat that. Exercise classes for pregnant women.

They must have refined it as I now get hair transplant ones.


We are heading that way. I’ve read a lot recently about how science and experts are basically falling out of fashion. And people just go with what they ‘feel’.

i.e. if you think vaccines cause autism based on an anecdote, then that’s good enough.


I think there’s almost a cachet to it for some people, like it’s cool and anti-establishment to not get them immunised. I won’t do what the man says! Just astounding that you would risk your child’s life in that way.

But then there’s the well publicised cases regarding Jehovah’s witnesses and blood transfusions, sometimes people will believe what they want to believe and there’s literally nothing you can say or do to change their mind.


Guess the thing is from their point of view it is relatively safe to not get vaccinated, they can rely on the fact that most people are, so the chances of contracting something is very small, so they can just opt out, but it’s changing diseases that were nearly eliminated are coming back, and there will be loads of people at risk of catching things during pregnancy that can cause complications, it’s really sad, genuinely believe it should be mandatory


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I want to die


My dad always did the same with Hertz Van Rental :smiley:

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