Terrible things people post on social media



what… ugh… what?


Luckily the correct response is also here, but ffs.


Yeah I was gonna say, how the hell’s that socialism?!


you should read the comments, dude’s CONVINCED he has completely done all us “snowflake socialists” it’s quite special


sorry by done I mean “TRIGGERED!!!”


Ugh, won’t be reading the comments on that one (rarely do, usually regret it).

Hate the way people celebrate their own ignorance, like when faced with reasoned argument they can just brush it off without any evidence or counter-argument. Whether you agree with socialism or not, someone who posts that clearly doesn’t know what it even means.

Like creationists who think that the theory of entropy disproves evolution and no amount of reason or logic can convince them that this is because they don’t understand what entropy means. See also, flat earthers - bonkers theories that are easy to disprove if the believers would listen to any kind of reason.


Yer man who originally posted it also literally cropped out the top of the picture


OH NO WAY :smiley:

has someone pointed this out (not that it would matter)


it was pointed out in the comments but, people see what they want to see :man_shrugging:


this reminds me of an argument I had with a Brexiter recently who somehow managed to accuse me of being a “scaremongering bigot” because I explained the (political) reasons my girlfriend and I have left the UK which really knocked me for 6. I was like that cya :wave:




that is truly fucking magnificent work


without the context it wouldn’t work in the great things on social media thread

just feel bad if anyone misses it y’know


OMG ‘inished his whole career :joy:


Genuinely eligible for nth wonder of the world status, that


Just read a 600 comment argument on Facebook between a flat earther friend of a friend and the rest of the rational world. Turns out he’s also a holocaust denier so that turned horrible pretty fucking quickly.


Surely the concept that the earth is a very large sphere, so the curvature is very slight, is not impossible to comprehend? Didn’t you stretch your compass all the way out and draw a massive circle when you were a kid?! Maybe it was just me who was trying to draw scale diagrams of the solar system. FFS I’m starting to have the same argument in my head that I have every time I see a flat earth comment. It genuinely baffles me.


Americans referring to Norway as a socialist country. :expressionless: