Terrible things people post on social media


“He wasnt deporting.” Brilliant.



that little girl? Adolf Newton


fucking hell, knew if i read this i was gonna get irked but i just couldn’t help myself


Grim stuff indeed. Also the little girl missed out “To bathe in the blood of one’s enemies.”


The absolute fucking state of this


I’m kind of addicted to stuff like this, which is kind of ironic.

I like that one of them is PhotoShop, as if something like colour grading is as compulsive as looking for willing sexual partners in your vicinity.


the elephant in the room was that she really did smell

and not wondrous, let me tell you


Completely done by this.


Last night, some people in a Facebook group I’m in tried to explain to me how Lesbians can be attracted to men and I’m still wondering how someone can be that stupid.



I live in frequent fear that I make a sarcastic post with a stupid error like this poster.






This is why I don’t go to parties; the lectures!


I think you meant to post this in the ‘Great Things’ thread, mate.


Yeah, big fan of this.


great or terrible (the idea, not the subject)

  • great
  • terrible

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bet there was no party tbh


Saw this on fb

A man telling women why they don’t need feminism.



You know any essay including the phrase "The Oxford Dictionary defines (subject I’m talking about) as… " is guaranteed to be great

Oof The Patriarchy = The Protocols of Zion, fantastic.

EDIT: HAHAHAHA there it is, the Ghostbusters film! The 9/11 for all of these reason-driven, logical shitheads