Terrible things people post on social media


Quite. HP being added to the quiz canon alongside HHGTTG and LotR is ONE STEP TOO FAR. Very irksome.


Don’t really know what he wants a police officer to say tbh.


or a blood clot.


Got a couple of people on my feed losing their mind over glitter paint.

Imagine willingly making your house look like that.


This is so accurate it’s unreal! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::tomato::tomato::tomato::joy:


i mean, ignoring that it’s shit, how the fuck could you really look at this and think it’s accurate?


this has properly wound me up in a way that would be hilarious to anyone watching


I dunno, I’m a Virgo and BBQ is my favourite sauce :woman_shrugging:


such a ranch


what is ranch? is that garlic?


Vinegar, ay?
Suppose that would explain why I am so bitt-ah.

Also ‘Relish’ for Aries - bit vague, innit?


Am I fuck ketchup.


I’ve been properly vinegared up by this, not going to lie


Taurus. Bull. Beef and mustard. Fair enough.

Leo: Tartar Sauce? Pfft. Surely Pisces is Tartar? Maaaybe Cancer. Maybe.

Scorpio would surely be a hot one rather than whatever blandness ranch is. So, Sriracha?

And then… ach, fuck this. Why am I even. ?


also clearly took a fair bit of photoshopping to make that thing, which is more ironic


The fact such a thing as “truffle mayo” exists alone has already ruined my weekend


This person thinks they are much smarter than they actually are.


He’s used to people thinking they’re right while insulting me and identifying me as their inferior.

(looks to camera) I don’t even know the guy


You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a food criminal.


Can’t even get annoyed about that. It’s completely random.