Terrible things people post on social media


Fuck off, Dave.

Oooh, let’s get some viral content out and get people engaging with our content. But it needs to be banter as fuck, right? Proper bants about something proper, yeah? Like pies. Yeah, pies!
Oh, but in order to get it really buzzing on the social media, we need to be a bit controversial. Stick mince pies at the top and Shepherd’s near the bottom.




Would like to seem more from this guy…



  • Can be an ingredient IN a pie, but not the integral, titular component
  • I’m a nutter

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“Hufflebuff” would be alright if the others weren’t so painfully bad


I really struggled to read, and get any sense from that nonsense.


Here’s another one. They shared a post about how talking about sex in terms of consent is wrong because sex is a spiritual experience. It’s pretty insane stuff from someone who clearly has no idea how the real world works


Twin Peaks season 4 has subverted expectations far too much this time


This is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. I hate-read it from start to finish.


That first post is just crying out for the response “Nice work, virgin.”


obvs that article is bad, but chrissy teigen is great, possibly even the best.

anyway, the mystery had already been solved by the time they posted that shitty article


The fact that she’s the internet’s chosen Golden Girl means that this shit pops up every time she says or does anything. Limmy pointed it out and now I see it all the time.


oh yeah, that is rubbish. buzzfeed and the like turning a couple of innocuous tweets into “content” is the pits


Everything I hate about cheeky Nando’s Courteeners LADS who think they’re ‘totes indie’ and only listen to white Englishmen with bowlcuts.


Wanna fucking puke on him


“No one” = the only 10 boys he ever speaks to at school (because they make up the football team)


Though I’d like to see him put in a room with Neville Southall


The heart of this may be in the right place but the style is horrific. Topped off beautifully with the last line


DiS is well diverse by comparison isn’t it.


We might be Nuts readers with record collections but at least unlike Sam Jervis we haven’t time travelled from the Victorian women not being allowed to show their ankles club