Terrible things people post on social media





Was ready to be angry about a bunch of soldiers and wannabe dickheads legitimately celebrating Harry’s stag but ended up angrier at the weak ass humour in the description and the thousands of people ironically clicking going.


One of those things that sounds like it might be kinda a bit funny but then you watch it and it’s really shit



At least all the comments are taking the piss of how this is a blatant lie, and the needless ‘in The audi’


Hahahahahaha prince charles but he is aware of contemporary things and the word eatery


And then I swerved the Audi off the cliff face for the betterment of mankind

His son has shit grammar as well so he shouldn’t get too excited


I have a response to this which I’ll post in the Great things people post thread.


Me: Any ideas who your target market is son?

Ollie: Not sure what that means because I am 7. Also this conversation is happening in your head.


If my child said that I’d be breaking out the holy water and calling an exorcist. Or just pushing him off a bridge.



oh wow


worst yet?


ah sorry just saw this.


This reminds me of a print my housemate has at home that says


live laugh love etc


This is kind of amazing though?


This one made me laugh, tbf:



Who wants to see Jonathan Pie’s worst video yet (maybe…Ive not watched them all)?

The worst thing is that I know (well, on the internet) who love what he puts out and see themselves as part of either centre left of even a recent Corbyn supporter. They’ll probably lap this shit up :frowning:


I know people*