Terrible things people post on social media


Jonathan Pie is utterly shit, I think we all agreed last time around.

We know he likes to blame ‘PC culture’ for the rise of fascism, but how desperate must someone be to excuse misogyny to claim that Neville’s tweets are all fine?


But people who make sexist jokes aren’t the real misogynists…that label is reserved only for people who commit actual domestic abuse/vocally hate women.


Was he the one that made that really shit fake 80s Tory youth video thing that seemed to flummox lots of usually-intelligent people?


Not a person as such but this advert, wtf.

Your guesses please.


Does anyone get loads of ads for this Gaia bollocks? Some algorithm thinks i’m the worst kind of hippie there is.


About the only videos of his I saw that seemed reasonable were in the last week of the election. I can’t even remember now but I think it was just that by comparison to his usual weak bullshit for Lexit Bros it was a bit more on point.

This Phil Neville thing is terrible, though.


What are “Lexit Bros?”


UK equivalent of Bernie Bros: ostensible leftwingers who believe that feminism is evil and claim to be about ‘egalitarianism’, who - just like right-wing fascists - are against ‘Identity politics’ because they believe that there can be no in between between our current system (which isn’t a capitalist democracy, no it’s a fascist dictatorship or somesuch) and full communist utopia.

These type of people (I mean mostly men but there are women onboard) think Trump is okay because he’s not Hillary, and have essentially decided that they will cover their right-wing views by pretending to themselves they are full leftists. Because, you know, no one can be free while we’re having petty squabbles about how women are treated compared to men or black people compared to white people and, in any case, haven’t you seen all the evidence they have about how white working class men are the most disadvantaged of society?

It is an entirely weird worldview, one that can’t really be combated because their views are the soul of false equivalence (something they deny exists): You have articles but yours aren’t trusted; they have articles and these are clearly scientific despite no consensus. Concensus is unscientific anyway, it’s a conspiracy. They can cite individuals as evidence of their views but if you cite individuals it’s just anecdotal evidence.

I think the weirdest thing I’ve noted from friends I’ve lost to this is how upset they are that you don’t believe them. They don’t believe your views because you’re wrong but when you don’t subscribe to their views you’ve clearly not read whatever they put forward properly or you’ve not watched that YouTube video correctly. You are at fault for not agreeing with them but there’s nothing wrong with their worldview.

It’s fucking exhausting.

So Lexit Bros covers it nicely: MRA-tinged, tinfoil hat wearing guys who cover their views by blaming the system for not being a socialist utopia yet.


I’m guessing that the hidden agenda is how to make racists reveal themselves to the general public.


Oh, that guy is quite well known - he used to be the chair of Young BNP.


Oh, I didn’t know that. His racism was already well known then. But at least now I know he’s a twat now when I previously had no idea who he was at all.


Yeah he’s a proper nasty piece of work.


Anyone who says that we shouldn’t punch fascists should meet Mark Collett and have their minds changed.


Terrible things people post on social media…

The problem is with people: in general, they are terrible.



I’m over that phase. Everyone could be a cunt depending on circumstances. It’s the human nature.


that meme of “are your kids texting about X” is utterly, utterly terrible


yes it is


Litterally only heard of cake smash from DiS last week but now I’ve seen this.

‘Please share this amazing bargain’

Two digital images and cake not included…


Just had to google it. What a waste of food, grumble grumble, shameless way of parting new parents with their cash, etc.