Terrible things people post on social media


Is there an age limit on this? Like, can I buy one of these and go with my wife and sit down for some nice cake and a photoshoot? It’s cheaper than most afternoon teas.


Fucking ‘cake not included’! Ahm ooooot.


does seem appalling on literally every single level


Do babies/children not already smear enough food on themselves?


Yeah, it’s awful on every level.



File under ‘Right Message / Wrong Delivery’


Dear Parents, be better parents.


Clarity begins at home


File under ‘read some fackin Foucault’ more like


Yeah because sitting around reading Foucault is a thing people do!


Foucault foushault


I THINK it might be part of a hoodie type costume for small dogs, and the hole is for the tail. I think and I pray, anyway



Just had a good bit of Foucault reading the other day actually. Was sitting round the house and everything!


foucault, mate


Well, I never!


Foucault ad nauseum


“Bernie Bros” is an extremely problematic term tbh (I’ve never heard of “Lexit Bros”). I’m trying to think of an American leftist who fits your description and I’m coming up empty. Maybe there are a handful of people like that on the fringes of the DSA or something? Mostly I’ve seen the Bernie Bro term used by white liberals who are protective of Obama centrism. It’s a dodgy term cos it conflates everyone on the left, and ethnically cleanses American socialist movements to pretend Sanders supporters are all white basement dwelling failboys. It may have had a specific meaning at one point but all it means now is anyone to the left of Mother who is critical of the Democrats. The same liberals are then pretty quick to ignore or smear prominent POC/LGBTQ leftists when they call out liberals for using the phrase.

Also I don’t think it’s ridiculous to think we live in neither a democracy or a fascist dictatorship.


This might be because of my limited social circle…but I don’t really know anybody that fits the “Lexit Bro” description, either. In my experience, people who are critical of identity politics in that way generally describe their political position as “libertarian”. Which is in itself pretty ironic.


Yeah I would agree with this. Maybe I’ve been lucky enough not to have run across any of these bros but…I mean, I’m not sure how you can be a leftist if your primary concern is the economic wellbeing of white people and the eradication of minority/LGBTQ liberation movements. That puts you pretty solidly on the hard right side of the spectrum at the least, surely.

It’s also a multicultural, intersectional crowd of what the MSM would call “Bernie bro”/“alt-left” Americans who are currently organizing and on the front lines at every major anti-fascist/anti-Trump protest, and in some cases, such as Charlottesville, being murdered for their activism in the process. Difficult to square that with the idea that they’re also white male reactionary fascists disguising themselves as socialists.

So yeah, I think this idea of the “Bernie Bro” makes about as much sense as calling someone in Momentum a Stalinist.