Terrible Things Posted on Social Media II

Continuing the discussion from Terrible things people post on social media (Part 1) - #10943 by Ilovetoast.

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Oh thought this was another great one, ignore


Fucksake. Although by misposting in the new thread you’ve basically fulfilled the remit :grinning:


Hi System, welcome to the boards.

I understood the name change in the Great Things thread, but this one doesn’t make sense to me unless it’s done to the original too.

I reckon just go with the flow and make them all (Part 1), (Part 2) or whatever.

It’s nice to have them uniform imo
Who cares about the old threads maaaan, they’re gone

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Yeah, that’s my point, if you have it with the (Part x) format, they’ll automatically be consistent, where as this system requires you to manually update it every time it happens.

I mean what if you were to stop pos- Oh yeah, I get your point.

No because the system screwed it up in the great things thread didn’t it

I’m fine with a tiny bit of manual work to keep my weird preferences in check

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Easily amended, just change the names to (Part 1), (Part 2) and (Part 3) and then it’s not a problem anymore.

I cba

Congrats on another 10,000 terrible posts everyone!


It’s nice to have them uniform imo.

I’m fine with a tiny bit of manual work to keep my weird preferences in check.

In an ideal world, all thread titles would be fully ISO 9000 compliant, but I’ll accept reality and settle for taking on the responsibility of correcting the superseded Great & Terrible Things threads on a 10,000 post cycle if you do the same for the new ones.



I like that we go through twice as many great things

it is incredibly neat that we’ve gone from Great Part 2 to Part 3 and Terrible Part 1 to Part 2 within a week of each other


I thought this was a relaunch of Great Things II (part 2) for a minute and was instantly gutted at the loss of the Animal Wars. Rarely have I been so glad to be wrong.

We need to get cracking on the general Things thread


It’s a deal!

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Just as with Great Things, I fully recommend going to the previous part of Terrible Things and clicking the Summarize Topic button. Re-reading all the funniest stuff is amazing.

I didn’t realise that the ‘corned beef of my childhood’ poem was actually first posted in there in April 2017. I’d have guessed it was last year! And then when it was posted again in late 2017, @The_Excession posted a comedy poem in reply that was fucking incredible - somehow I missed it at the time.

Also, I’m not all the way through my re-read but if this ever gets beaten as a Terrible Thing, gonna be might impressed. Credit to @andyvine


[Obligatory outrage at “Legos” (which I’m pretty sure was logged back then also, but the fire never fades).]