Terrible Things Posted on Social Media II

This didn’t take long.


Given the average motorist’s mentality, absolutely taking your lives into your own hands pulling that shit.


A number of replies say where is the energy that was used to drag Just Stop Oil Protesters.


Maybe what the Just Stop Oil folks need to prevent getting dragged away is jorts

FYI I am a huge, huge jorts advocate, very comfortable and hard-wearing item of clothing that I personally rock as soon as summer comes

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We can’t be far off some sincere “I remember the Twitter of my youth…” poems


It’s annoying me that this was on the A12, not the A406…

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Nearly every reply to any tweet I’ve seen about this since has mentioned that it’s the A12.

Apart from one that said it was the M6.


I think they were takin the piss out of everyone saying it is the A12. At least I hope they were.

A lot of excellent replies to this Tory nonsense obviously.


A Mastodon instance where Stephen Fry is always trapped in a lift.


I know this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but every so often Purkiss lets her contempt for the public show through

A No Homers club only it’s entirely made up of Homers.


CW: vomit

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This is in the great things thread too isn’t it

(I haven’t watched it but can’t possibly see from the description how it belongs in that thread over this one)

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Oh yeah, searched the site for nocontextbrits and it didn’t come up. Definitely belongs in this thread.

Interesting exercise… I know this is nauseating, but I’d be interested to see people put into words exactly why that is. She’s in a bubble? Most of us block out people that make us unhappy most of the time. It’s only aimed at her circle of buddies? So are most of our conversations. Can anyone articulate the annoyance of this in words that, written online and without the context of being in the same room, reflect well on them when read by another person?

Genuine question. Because I found this annoying too, but actually explaining why isn’t easy.