Terrible Things Posted on Social Media II

here’s something else terrible tho


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Prior to watching this
  • I knew who Frank Gehry is
  • I didn’t knew who Frank Gehry is
  • Idgafwfgi
  • I like pyramids
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Knew he was an architect, that’s all though


he’s shown his arse including the woman who asks him if he knew who yer man was before doing the interview, she’s really got his number. dickhead


Agreed, but Kyle
Gordon was the worst thing
About it, it only went viral because the woman
Was so good

Shit myself


“What is the crime? Playing a middle of the road ballad? A succulent middle of the road ballad?”

Knew this bit was going to get worse


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There’s just no way I’m clicking play on that


What in the fuck


in a way, it’s impressive that he’s made an annoying and attention seeking goal celebration even more an annoying and attention seeking.

in a way


Oh I suppose to be fair it probably would have made more sense if I was aware of the original actual celebration. As it was, it completely caught me off-guard.

if there’s a question on university challenge about architects, I always say Frank Gehry and hope for the best baybeeeee



Shit comedy for shitcunts

(Don’t bother watching you already know how bad it is)


Funny how the butt of the joke for these guys is never if you voted for trump you’re a cunt or if you believe that jesus wants you to picket abortion clinics you deserve to rot in hell.

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What the fuck even is that. Some unprompted weird gender bigotry, 30 seconds of him going ‘are you ready? Are you ready?!’, a bit of the tamest sex jokes i’ve heard then ‘if a boyband covered another, I’d be glad to be dead’. What a load of shite


Bang up to date boy band reference too.


Quite glad to see almost all the top comments are slating it, including from other comedians

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i mean, im just assuming i have no idea

I saw this this morning and I keep getting irked primarily just by how he misunderstands his own comic persona so massively. I kind of go into this a bit in a comment I tweeted under this but his whole schtick was really saying sort of outrageous or dark one-liners with a deadpan delivery that almost suggests he doesn’t realise what he’s saying is offensive and from thence the humour arose. Like I was never a huge fan of his, but I’ve found him funny on that basis before and that tension is something that can work really well.

To jump on the “hey we’re the last men standing on the frontline of independent thinking, maaaaan” just completely undoes his whole thing. And then the jokes themselves are just piss-weak. Don’t say “oooohh I’m not afraid to say the unsayable and make light of serious topics” before doing some proper laboured shite about One Direction, a band who broke up almost a decade ago.