Terror attack in Reading? (SSP)

Heard from a friend that there’s been or is still an active terrorist attack in reading.

Seems like it’s a park where they’ve been holding BLM protests, but not much news showing up yet. Stay safe Reading disers

I just found something on twitter about it.

Absolutely awful

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Don’t search it on twitter there’s a really bad video

I’ve reported it but no doubt it’ll pop up again even of it does get taken down. Disgusting that someone thinks its fine to share that

fuck this looks horrific

Seen several people syaing the protest ended hours ago and the media are trying to attach it to the BLM protest regardless

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This is right next to my office, obviously no one will have been there today but still, can imagine it’ll shake people up

Hope there’s no fatalities :crossed_fingers:

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gnome and avery are safe btw


My worry was from the other side but can see how the link is unnecessary and premature. Happy for mods to remove that from the OP


Oh god I’m scared to look. Just got back from a lovely evening walk (my first for weeks) and I’ve got messages from friends, everyone checking up on each other. Shit.

Popped this into SSP territory


Thanks. Oversight on my part

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Absolutely no worries x

Sorry, wasn’t even meaning your post as you haven’t connected the two anyway.

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There were two helicopters going round but we just thought they were checking for big gatherings.

I see now that there has been, this is really really sad

This doesn’t seem to be on the bbc at all. Not sure what’s happened

Hope you and yours are safe, guys

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Take care of yourself Gnome. x

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