Terry Gross Appreciation Thread



She’s just been awarded a National Humanities Medal by Obama and she’s great, what are your favourite Fresh Air episodes?


What is Fresh Air please?


NPR interview podcast with all manner of people on it. Terry Gross is the host, she’s a wonderful interviewer, one of those people who just gets people to open up really naturally.


Cool. Not sure it’s my thing, but I might take a look.


Think you’d almost certainly be able to find a few episodes with people you like on there to enjoy.


love terry gross, she’s a class act. she’s got a great voice as well - soothing and quietly encouraging.


Dunno whether you’d all gone home yesterday or something but come on, must be some of you that want to give some great Fresh Air episode recommendations?


Sorry Ant, I don’t even HAVE podcasts


The Jon Stewart ones are good, especially when he’s getting on at her for not finding him funny.