Terry Pratchett: Back in Black



Not sure how I feel about this really: http://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/fjtxnr/terry-pratchett-back-in-black

Paul Kaye’s impression is oddly really good, feels a bit slapstick - but I guess TP would have loved that.

Anyway, let’s talk Pratchett/Discworld/Carpet People/dwarf bread/being a wizzard.


the impression seems kind of annoying because even just watching that clip it’s detracting from the actual words being said, and i imagine when it gets to the more devastating points towards the end of his life it might be a bit off

this article seems to have more info around it having actual interview footage in it though for example so I will probably give it a watch


also I was listening to The Truth on audiobook last night, so fucking good (only listen to the Tony Robinson versions as a hangover from my teenage years when I had them on cassette)


I want to read every single Discworld novel in the space of the year.

If I were to do this and blog about it, would anyone read it?

If a tree falls in the forest…


I’m looking forward to this, just hope it does the man justice. I’ve been holding out on reading the final Discworld book for a while now (it’s sitting on my bookshelf at home) as I know that after that there will be no more new stories.


Would read this. I don’t have time to go back and read them all but I think they’d be good as audiobooks for my walk to work.

I will not be watching this series because I’m sure it will make me cry.


My 13 year old son has just started reading the Discworld books - I got hime the 1st one for xmas and he’s up to the 3rd one now.

I read them at around his age, so it’s nice to see him enjoying them. Think I had moved on to other things by the 6th book or so though


Paul Kaye once came and sat at the table of a group I was with in the pub (this was at the time of peak Penice). He seemed to be most concerned with chatting up the girls in the group, he was not successful.


won’t watch it. it’s too much. you know when people do the whole mourning a celebrity thing. he’s the ‘one’ for me, that actually totally wrongfooted me upon his death. Find it weird rereading discworld lately. That’ll mend in the end but gah


I know exactly what you mean. conflicted about this to be honest. I found the documentaries he did before his death so upsetting, but brilliant at the same time.


Would read.


Haven’t read a Discworld book for a while but loved lots of them when I did. Still haven’t really read any of the Witches ones, but the Death and City Watch books are incredible. I remember being really disappointed by Unseen Academicals though, and giving up on the last few. Would definitely pick them up second hand or similar, would be nice to revisit some day.


The last few are not good, if we’re going to be brutally honest. Feel like he’d kinda come to care too much for his characters and the world to do anything with much edge, which is understandable.


I didn’t really want to say, but I did wonder how his condition affected his writing in the last few years. UA was just really weak compared to past efforts - I don’t know if it was just a duff attempt, or there was an actual decline happening.


They weren’t (Raising Steam is the one out and out bad Discworld novel in my opinion), but I don’t think he was really writing the last few himself any more, such was his condition.


I do think it did, unfortunately. The last one I read was the steam engine one, and although the set-up was good it was really flat and rambly.


I wasn’t too keen on UA, but Snuff was excellent and superb return to form.

For some reason I’ve 2 copies of Raising Steam, not read it yet though.


Thud was the last classic Pratchett I reckon- the flow of his books inevitably started to suffer when he had to start dictating them. Raising Steam was pretty bad (although it did seem very much like a goodbye to his favourite characters), but there was a bit of the old spark in the Shepherd’s Crown.


I agree about Thud (that and Wintersmith were the last very good ones anyway), though I was never massively keen on the Vimes books post-The Fifth Elephant.

Snuff just takes the exact same ending as Unseen Academicals. The protagonist shows the bad guy mercy, so a supporting character comes along later to punish them instead.