Tesco Beetroot Tzatziki

Give it a go, you might like it.

I will not!


Oh go on! It has a tremendous garlic punch.

Probably will at some point

You won’t regret it!

Mate this is offensive to Greek (or wherever Tzatziki comes from) people.

I’ve had three tubs of it now and I stand by what I say!

I’ve eaten a lot of beetroot recently and it’s made my poo go quite red, very disturbing

I think this tzatziki has had minimal impact on my stools.

Does rate my poo still exist? That was a big deal for a while, wasn’t it?

First time that happened to me I thought I’d have to go to the doctors. I’d been eating loads of beetroot that weekend tbf, but hadn’t realised the potential consequences. After my poo, I quietly told my ex-girlfriend* what had happened and thought I might be dying. I was terrified. She explained what it ‘might’ be in a very kind way but I only half believed her.

*She wasn’t my ex-girlfriend at the time, she was my girlfriend, that would have been weird otherwise.

Just checked. No.

Could I send my photos to you then, please?

Please do