(TEST FORUM) Can't create new tags

Normally you can create new tags when making a thread, but can’t seem too on the test forum.

On Chrome on a macbook

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I’ll have a nose around and see if this is an obvious permissions setting, otherwise I’m sure @sean will know

:+1: This is a trust level thing.

@profk Think a useful thing to do will be to get one of the admins to screenshot the DiS trust settings so we can replicate them on the new boards, then assign a couple of people to the same level they are here so they can check they get similar behaviour?


It’s called “min trust to create tag”, but there’s gonna be a bunch of these.

Yeah think Sean said pretty much all users were on level 3 or something

We’re almost all level 2 and 3 on here - but some features that aren’t available to Level 2 by default are on DiS.

Ah got you

good idea, i’ll send a dm.

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Please leave feedback on the test forum

I’ve signed up for the test forum now @profk . If you want to make me admin there too so I can compare settings etc I’m happy to do that. Only if you think it’s useful.


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