Testing on the privately hosted forum (The Big DiS Move)

So, thanks to the work by @zeal and @megalithicrock, and everyone’s donations, the test boards are up and running on a privately hosted solution - I.e. not being hosted by Discourse themselves. It’s hoped this will be far cheaper and more sustainable in the long run, but will require some additional involvement from the community with regards to maintenance and administration in the long term. The discussion around financial contributions and how the forums are funded is a separate thing to this and will happen at another time.

First, here’s the link - it looks a bit different right now, as we’d like to have people signed up and posting on there before pushing some theme and plugin changes (basically to test what performing this sort of change looks like on a ‘live’ site):

Please leave any feedback and issues you have with the test forums here, and tagged with (TEST FORUM) in the subject, along with the device you’re using and details and screenshots of the bug or issue:

Right now, we’re going to take a fairly general approach to testing, so basically, just register an account, log in, and perform as many actions as you can on the test environment. @sean has put together this very helpful map detailing many ‘journeys’ and actions you can take - if you spot anything missing, you can add it on the Figma map itself by leaving a note on the relevant section.

Focused testing

Once we have a good number of users registered on the test environment, it might be a good idea to do some more focused testing, depending on how many issues are identified and where they are identified during this initial period of generalized testing. This would involve splitting users into testing groups and assigning them different areas of the forum to test - i.e using android devices, or editing profiles, or using the search functionality etc. This is also super important, as we want to make sure any issues are ironed out before making the switch.

  • I’d like to volunteer for this

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It’s likely I’ve missed something out, so let me know if so. Obviously feel free to ask any questions!

Happy testing.

Can an @admins pin this or make it more visible across the whole boards somehow?


Just as a tiny bit more to explain this. We currently run a lot of custom plugins and bits on DiS. Some of them will definitely need to be added, but we also don’t want to unnecessarily add features that aren’t wanted/used by the community either.

So please do call out things that are missing, but it’s not necessarily a bug, rather they’ll likely come in the next few weeks :slight_smile:

Do you want us to be flagging things like currently being unable to edit your posts in the way you explained below, or is that too minor/obvious?

Well done everyone and thank you for doing this.


Anything and everything please :slight_smile:



Turns out I was wrong anyway, looks like you can edit your posts

Do you have to use the same username or can you take someone elses? Always liked the sound of AggPass


That will be due to trust levels as you’re back down to level 1

Please save the admins time by not doing this as it’ll just create more work for our lovely volunteers


discobot sent me this message

  • For safety reasons, we temporarily limit what new users can do. You’ll gain new abilities (and badges) as we get to know you.

probably worth compiling a list of these limits so we know what’s deliberately not working for us, and what might need a fix?

I wasn’t being serious!


made me laugh when you said it so early on in the thread tbh as it was one of the potential problems we’d talked about :smiley:


Is this a bug, or is it fine and good and correct?

An error occurred: We appreciate your enthusiasm, keep it up! That said, for the safety of our community, you’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 23 hours and you’ll be able to create more replies.

Are these new testing forums gonna become the proper fully fledged forums when we’re ready to go?

Also are these existing forums gonna be moved over or are we starting from scratch?

can you log it here plz

Not directly - at the very least we’ll rebuild from scratch, and there’s a few bits that need to change (e.g. the email config)

I don’t think that’s been decided yet. We can do either, but we’ve been focused on the technical side and that’s more of a general question :slight_smile:

Can we sack discobot off pls


We still need to discuss this - and I’d rather not get into it as it always gets quite emotional, until we know what’s possible and the potential cost / time it might take


@discobot heres ur p45 enjoy your severence pay (nothing)