Testing on the privately hosted forum (The Big DiS Move)

I’ve approved the post now, so hopefully that lets you back off the naughty step

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hahahaha i do have a very fast typing speed tbf

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So, it’s time to split up people who have volunteered to do some testing into groups. first, could you please let us know what device you use most often when browsing dis?

  • ios
  • android
  • other mobile
  • mac os
  • windows
  • linux
  • other

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Admin ‘Super Users’

Because DiS will now be hosted on a private solution, the community will now be responsible for it’s routine maintenance going forward (updates to the discourse software, extra functionality, etc), and will also be responsible for fixing any technical problems that may arise.

To do this, we need a group of at least 5 users, but ideally more, who are comfortable with things like:

Running basic scripts
Connecting to a remote, command line based server
Willing to fix issues if they arise, and find solutions if a cause isn’t known

These people wouldn’t be admins ordinarily - my thinking was that they would be granted admin rights by the current group of moderators and administrators if their assistance was required on a temporary basis, but obviously, this one is up for debate. They should be long standing, trusted members of the boards, though.

Its super, super important that we have a good group of people available on dis who can react in case something goes wrong technically speaking. Please indicate your availability for this sort of role in the poll below:

  • I would like to volunteer

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Probably about 50/50 between Android and Windows

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50/50 Android and Mac OS here

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50pc android chrome, 50pc Windows 10 chrome

Made a couple of changes to the image upload this evening, so do let me know if you see anything weird happening with that.

100% Edge


Edge Wwe Meme GIF