Testing Spotify playlist linking

I would appreciate if someone could let me know if this link works. I listen to Spotify via a downloaded app. Listening via web browser does not work in my browser, hence I cannot test thislink myself.

aye it works

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I am now testing - Soundcloud imbed

Doesn’t work - let’s try something else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, don’t bother with anything fancy. Most links have the correct metadata for this forum build the appropriate plugin to display the link.

I think only Instagram is a bit odd where you get the picture but no link back to the user account or stuff and occasionally it fails to grab the picture leading to broken links.

Great, thanks. It is very simple actually, as you said, but it is so difficult to get rid of a post on here that I thought I would make sure it worked before trying it out! :smiley:
Actually, is there a way to delete your post without flagging it up and the mods doing it for you? It seems such a strange way of doing things.

Only mods can delete posts. There isn’t a setting I can find that allows anyone to delete, I think deleting posts is probably a heavy load on the search index and on the system or something. You can edit posts within 5 minutes of posting them, however.

hey theo, we can edit within way longer than 5 mins now. also, clicking the pencil on other people’s posts doesn’t show past edits anymore. what’s up with that?

edit: saw the answer to the second point in ma0sm’s thread, so nvm

Can’t answer the first point sorry.

testing gifs