TFL have gone to a lot of trouble to try to force Marckee to apologise (tube stats)

This is interesting

So they’re learning about journeys, etc.

44% are making the right choice.

nailed on 300+ replies here

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Shall I rename you to ‘PassSarky’? :smiley:

if speed is important then yes changing at Oxford Circus is the right choice, but I’d probably choose the leisurely route around the circle line if I wasn’t in a hurry.

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this thread makes me want to play Mini Metro


leaving now you’d get there quicker on the circle line

Don’t come here with your FAKE NEWS.

I posted this on twitter yesterday.

At morning rush hour getting on the train at Liverpool St is very difficult, and the change at Oxford Circus can be an absolute ballache, and unreasonably hot. If I was prepared to let 5 minutes slip, I’d probably sit in comfort on the circle line all the way around.

It’s probably all made up anyway.

Look at all the 1 day travelcard wankers in the bottom right picture, lol.

both of them.

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Right according to what though, I don’t trust that journey planner.

According to what is decent and holy.

I do this journey in reverse sometimes. I always use the Circle.