TFL Query (One-Day-Travelcard-C*nt related)

Off to Selhurst Park on Sunday.

The usual arrangement when attending matches at that London is to park at the end of the Jubilee line (Canons Park) and tube it to the venue. On this occasion (unless DiS knows better) I will need to switch to overground at London Bridge to get to Crystal Palace.

Q. Will I need to buy a separate ticket for the overground or can I buy tickets at Canons Park to cover the whole journey?


Could just use contactless?

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Yep - done this before. Are you saying I could do this at Canons Park for the whole journey?

Yeah, you can use contactless on virtually any public transport in London.


Just use a contactless card.

Do not go to Crystal Palace, the ground isn’t there.

Either Norwood Junction, or Selhurst/Thornton Heath. Although there is a limited service to Selhurst/Thornton Heath this weekend due to engineering works, so Norwood Junction is your best bet.


Yeah pretty sure that’s fine. Use it all the way to zone 9!

Sorry, I meant this

That’s fine. I usually go for drinks beforehand at Crystal Palace as there are some great pubs there, then get the train to Norwood Junction. The number of times I’ve seen away fans getting off at Crystal Palace as I’m getting on is higher than you’d think.

Remember to bring your traveler’s cheques


They’ll be safely secreted in my fanny pack

Take a stroll around Canons Park itself, nice little thing.

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12 minutes from London Bridge to Norwood Junction. Probably quicker than a lot of tubes.

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Ah fuck, I’m confusing myself now.
Q. Can I buy one return ticket at Canons Park tube station to complete either of these (i.e. instead of buying a tube ticket Canons Park to London Bridge and then a train ticket London Bridge to Norwood)?

Just use your contactless whenever you are blocked by a barrier, until you reach destination, and never ever check how much money its taken.

1day travelcarding for the new decade


No such thing as a return ticket on the tube.

Just use contactless.

Yes, you can get a cheaper “Thameslink” only ticket i think, but the dearer one will cover both.
For example its far cheaper to get a Thameslink train to Brighton than another train.

But just use a contactless card if you have one it will be cheaper and less hassle.

Contactless. The london bridge-norwood train is run in the contactless zone so can still just use that, even though it isn’t strictly an underground train.

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You can use contactless on all normal trains in London. I’m a lot further south than Norwood Junction



Aye but not on all of thameslink though