TFT*: 'Mood' music

*Abbreviated for the sake of office workers.

Some polls and questions:

  • I like to have sex with a particular genre of music in the background
  • I like to have sex with a particular song/album/whatever in the background
  • I like to have sex with some other noise in the background (I dunno, birdsong or something, you perverts?)
  • I just enjoy the silence (other than any words/utterances my partner might make)

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  • I’ve made an explicit “sex mix” before
  • I’ve made a mixtape for someone as a thinly-veiled “I want to bone you”
  • I’m not actually a DiSer

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Bonus questions:

  • what is the sexiest song ever recorded?
  • what is the least sexy soundtrack you’ve ever had to a boning?

Can’t do it, I get distracted by thinking about time signatures or guitar tones or band trivia or something.


Too Drunk to Fuck by the Dead Kennedys, in answer to all of your questions


Thanks for the abbreviation <3

With a new partner, definitely music please. I have quite a sexy playlist ready for such occasions.

Lost my virginity to this…


Pretty sexy :+1:


Limp Bizkit, mainly

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I’m just listening

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You can get pills for that these days.


Dunno about sexiest ever but Charlotte’s Thong by Connan Mockasin has been making me feel sexy recently

  • what is the least sexy soundtrack you’ve ever had to a boning?

probably something in the first year of my shagging career. Muse or Placebo I’d imagine. 28 years old, I was etc

Don’t often plan it that much, so I’m not sure what to answer beyond ‘Will basically do it with whatever album we are already listening to on unless it’s Sunn o))) or something off-putting’.


Smash Mouth indeed


Charlie Brooker’s ‘Aural Contraceptive’ playlists are fun


Can’t make my brain accept that the title isn’t TTF. Which is actually fine because of Mary Kiani’s Clydeside fetish club.

Most unsexy lp I’ve boned to is probably the sophtware slump. Sigur Ros () actually worked quite well as a soundtrack one time.

If music happens to be on then yeah fine, though it might get turned off if it’s /really/ distracting, but I don’t think I’ve ever thought about putting something on specifically for that purpose. I mean if it’s worth listening to, listen to it, if it’s background noise, then it can probably be done without.

Obvious exception: playing loud music to cover sex noise from outside the room


Worst was a boyfriend who liked the stone roses a little too much

only listen to the king when doing the no pants dance

same but was the fridge compressor noise.

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