TGI goodness it’s now Friday!

Wha gwan. Last day at work today. Did a danger fart on my walk to the train station and fear I may have sharted. Pray to god that the train toilet isn’t out of order.


TMI Friday!


DiS meat day :grinning: :tada:

(for some, anyway)


It’s ok everyone, it was a false alarm.


Morning all. Glad your kecks are safe, @83746725 - no one likes to leave a bad smell on the final day…
Starting a very busy day with a bacon bap and a black coffee. I’ll have earnt both by the end of the shift.
Charlotte Gainsbourg tickets go on sale at 10am. That’ll be a bun fight.

Can’t remember the last time I saw sunshine. These winters are going on for ages.

Wfh so someone can come fix the dishwasher (AGAIN). It’s magically fixed itself (AGAIN). Still not going in to work though.

Going to get some scones in a minute as I really don’t fancy my Huel today. Then work diligently all day and definitely, definitely not practice for my Netrunner tournament tomorrow all day.

Ran out of milk so put loads of oat milk in my tea (which I like the taste of) but it is absoluty disgusting in tea. It tastes like some kind of ointment.

It’s a natural progression from the Thursday filth thread, tbh.

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Almond milk is the only milk substitute I’ll put in tea because the other ones taste BOGGING.

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Yeah, it was either oat or coconut or some slightly off hazlenut milk. Not sure why I have so many different ones and none of which are acceptable. I wonder if breast milk would have cut it?! (Not about to try btw)

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There’s currently almond, coconut and hazelnut milk in my fridge. No human milk though.

Meeting in York cancelled.

The absolute parasite fuckers.

On my way into the office instead.

Grumpy as a goose writhing on a bed of stinging nettles today.

I need to give up tea or stick to herbal or black as it’s the only bit of dairy I regularly consume and I find the idea of cow milk disgusting.

A rare early start to cover after a go-live - working in bed at the moment.

No-one’s hassled me yet, so I assume it’s working okay.

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I love getting paid to monitor new releases. TV on, occasional glance at the laptop. Dream.

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Had a lovely sunny day here yesterday. Actually noticed it was lighter in the morning without all the cloud and rain. I realise this doesn’t help you though, sorry.

I drink black tea at work because I cba sorting out a non-dairy substitute. It’s fine if you brew it a bit weaker.

Hullo. :wave: waiting at the dentist :lips:

Need to get car seat headrest tickets at 10. Not much on tonight /this weekend