Having an increasing crisis about going out tonight so will probably stay in. Might have a Mount Eerie ticket to give away in that case :disappointed:

How is everyone this morning?

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It’s been a decent day. Had another driving lesson. The nightmare is that I have my test on the 29th and we have almost no times for me to practice in our car outside of that. Massively busy August combined with the beast (as we nickname our daughter). I did some driving with her in the back but while an adult knows to quiet down when I need to concentrate, she is just TALK TALK TALK plus guilt trips when you don’t respond.

Anyway, hope you can face going out. I think going out is almost always fine when you get over the potential energy hump of not wanting to do the effort. That was generally my experience in my youth.

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I hope you can make it out fl x


I guess maybe it’s a clegg (horse fly) rather than a mossie so you might still be winning that one?

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G’morn. Tired coz i’m out the house already to start work early so i can leave early and go to band practice and then still hopefully make it to a work do for a beer or two :grimacing: :sleeping:

Where’s mount eerie playing?

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It’s my ATDWIAMHM’s* birthday and I have heard him shuffling about but haven’t managed to give him the standard greeting.

*look at yesterday’s thread

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B&B breakfasts are the best breakfasts


EartH. Never been there before, which is one of many complications that makes me think I can’t handle it. Also rail replacement buses on the way home and associated issues. Basically my stupid limited head can’t deal with the planning.

Really hate myself for this stuff. How can I get in to such a state over something where most people wouldn’t even think about lots of the things that are making me panic.

That’s my hood! Good venue for him actually, id just say try and get there early to avoid the battle for a seat. Let us know if you do get stuck for travel, could work something out.

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Don’t beat yourself up over it! You can’t help the way your brain works, none of us can.
I hope you can get there but try not to stress yourself out over it (easier said than done, I know me and my brain are in constant battle with each other most of the time)


I think a lot of people are like it to some degree. I get the willies about just taking a bus or a tube somewhere sometimes.


Massive this. Some days I get tube fear for no reason at all, and it’s part of my daily commute.

Hope you can make it FL, but don’t beat yourself up too much if it’s really too much for you x


This is my favourite mash-up and I put it on at our office summer party a few weeks back and everyone told me it was rubbish and to turn if off

Glad I’m leaving this stupid country

  • Today is my Friday
  • I got to bed at 5am
  • Quite chipper because in comparison I’ve felt worse
  • Band practise tonight, long day, will keep you informed


Picking up a hire car for the coming weekend.

Weekend forecast for going away looks brutal.

Smashing super great.

Oh also my old boss in Cardiff’s offered me a place with two bedrooms and a lounge for £500 a month
Wtf am I gonna do with that much room


Either become part of the bourgeoisie or start a commune.

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fort building

The answer is clearly get a cat guys