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I vote for hairy cats.


You know when you’re half-asleep you have rubbish ideas that seem brilliant?

I pressed snooze this morning and in my semi-lucid state I thought ‘ha, when I wake up I’m going to tweet ‘‘When I press snooze in the morning I’m just giving my sleep an encore’’’ and I was completely convinced it’d do mega numbers on Twitter. Then I woke up and realised it’s complete rubbish.

Also I dreamt that all my teeth fell out.

Just back from a haircut and beard trim, I smell fantastic.

  • Pizza Hut for lunch
  • Pizza Hut for lunch!

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Morning DiS!

Today is my Friday, but kind of my Saturday too. I’ve got a half day working from home and then this afternoon I’m going to mooch around in town for a bit then we’re driving to Cornwall (via Bristol) for the weekend! ROAD TRIP!

Who cares that the weather forecast is so bad that they cancelled a festival down there? Not me, that’s for sure.

Jimbo is very excited, at the prospect of pasties, ice cream, sandy beaches. No idea where he got that from :innocent:

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Staring at a blank MS Project plan I need to fill out for a 12 month dev project :no_mouth: Hoping my assistant can help out.


She’s wearing my exact WFH expression there!


Can really see you in her man :blush:

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Cheers! She has my eyes and lopsided cheek dimples :relaxed:

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I didn’t even know! So many congrats dude

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Thanks! Just before your comeback tour started I think. 2 months old now and it’s tiring but wonderful :grinning:

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i like that plate.

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Hope you can make it too mate - take it easy today if you can.


Might be a good day to be WFH as you mighy have some post which is a bit big for the letter box.

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Pizza Hut delivery, or Pizza Hut restaurant?

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Prepare yourself for an absolute deluge of stylish baby photos! (And please do let me know postage costs)

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Local Pizza Hut delivery.

They’ve just arrived here so everyone in the office is stoked, until now you’ve had to head to Vienna for a Pizza Hut and even further for a Dominos

Getting a stuffed crust


Thanks this is useful! Hoping I can get free to go pretty early though not sure if this eill be the case. Worried a lot about inside the venue as unreserved seating is stressful to negotiate (and what do I do if I need to leave my seat to go to the loo or for merch?) wish you could get a reserved space on disability grounds (doesn’t even have to be a great seat, just something to plan around.

Massive guilt at leaving R too as he absolutely bawled when I told him I would be out at bedtime :cry: and that is also why I absolutely have to be home tonight because I need to be around to drop him with his dad in the morning (and his dad would be furious if he knew I had been out even though I am leaving R in the care of family members and in his own home)

(thanks also @ericVI, @Gnometorious @anon76851889 and others, you are all so wonderfully kind x)


no no no, please don’t hate yourself.

Travel is stressful and RR buses are the pits. Even as a pretty NT person I can get very upset about arrangements for travel, even when there’s no disruption.

Anyway my point is, arrangements are STRESSFUL. If the stress is feeling like it could be more than the pleasure you’ll get from the gig then don’t go and let yourself feel some peace from that.

Can any of us help with the travel at all? Does it help to break it down into segments and have a plan for each segment? That is the only way I can cope with travel related stuff and I do sympathise. Can we use the hardship fund to get you a cab for part of the way? (sorry if that is speaking out of turn but IMO that is exactly the kind of thing the fund is there for…) Are any other DISers gong who could chum you for part of the way? xxx


Office stereo is playing David Gray :joy: :gun:

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