Awww R will be fine. But I do hear you on this, big time. I’ve actually stopped telling MiniPO when I’m not going to be home for bedtime (which is a rare, like ten times a year occasion, but still…) as all it does is create two stress points for him rather than one. TBH I’d play it down to him- kids are so mega resilient esp if you can distract them with something fun xx

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Wor Lass has cut her finger a little bit and has decided she isn’t able to do any driving, cooking, washing up or most childcare tasks.

I am, quite obviously, fuming and I can tell she thinks I’m being massively unreasonable.

For the last five weeks (my summer holiday), I’ve done all of the cleaning, cooking, childcare and nursery deliveries, and I was looking forward to a break from being lead parent.

I hope you can make it, FL!

Definitely don’t beat yourself up about it, though. There are so many ways in which gigs can be really ridiculously stressful (last one I went to was slightly dampened by wondering whether or not I’d parked illegally, and by my generally being terrible at talking to people).

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that is a nice looking venue


Better be pizza hut buffet. The only acceptbale way to eat pizza hut.

You can’t get a buffet delivered

If you could, I would

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what a world that would be


Dreamed about the cockerel and was then woken up by the cockerel

maybe a good business would be a buffet delivery service

deliver to parks for picnics


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totally unproductive day so far not helped by the fact that my computer decided to take 55 minutes installing updates about 15 minutes after I got into work

I’ll be there. We can either meet up beforehand or in the venue. I can save you a seat if you think you’ll be getting there late.


Obviously only hearing your side of things here but that sounds massively imbalanced. I’m sure you don’t expect your ‘holidays’ to be actual holidays like the pre-kids days, but it also doesn’t make you the slave of the household either.
How bad is the cut- has she been to hospital? How well is she likely to react to being told to get over it and start helping you more?

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Am I going to have a heart attack
Better fucking not do, Im not dying in South London ffs

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go. it sounds like there are some other lovely dissers going who will look after you :slight_smile:

i’m working from home this morning before going out to deepest darkest south london.

hope everyone is well.

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Power nap?

Not got any time for DiSing atm but I just wanted to say how much everyone rallying round to make sure FL can go to the ball has warmed my cockles. You’re alright, DiS.


Elliott Smith marathon

Dont do it, man!! That’s bad news bears.

Seriously though i expect your album of 4 track demos within 6 months of moving to cardiff.

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Not gonna lie, pretty into the idea of a takeaway service where you can be “we’d like some more please” and they HAVE to come back.