Thailand cave rescue

Amazing! Been following this story over the past few days, what an incredible outcome. Hope the kids get out safely and get the care and attention they’ll need after what must have been a horrendous experience


Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Good to see.

Absolutely nuts that they can survive that long.

Kind of overshadows the other big rescue in the news today


Could be months (months!) before they’re out

Jeez. Hopefully they can get some power and equipment through.

Normal for Handsworth tbf


BBC News says they have to learn to swim before they can get out of the caves so they will be there ‘for months’.

“They may need to have food sent in for at least the next four months, according to the military”

They should ask the Chilean Navy to help with the rescue. They have good form in rescuing trapped people deep underground.

Don’t get why they can’t hoist em out If they can get food down there.

Also a bit shut of the teacher to take them into a cave if they didn’t know how to swim. Unless this is one of those “becoming a man” things that Thai people have to do.

Just read the story. Apparently the caves flooded after they went in and (wouldn’t you just know it) the rainy season has started now so they are likely to remain flooded and and treacherous to navigate until Sept/Oct.

I don’t think many people living in Asia have access to swimming pools and a swimming lessons.

Also think they would need to learn cave-diving which is a whole new world of fun

Holy shit. Months!? I thought that story was a wrap.

At least they’re safe I suppose. Jesus. Their parents must be going through hell.

don’t get how they have to teach them to scuba dive?

gear them up one at a time and just haul them out


It must be risky if they’re not used to the breathing apparatus or whatever. I suppose there’s no point in taking additional risks at this stage.

Absolutely no way this isn’t already being scripted into a Hollywood blockbuster with white Americans in place of the Thai boys


must be

Can’t they bore through the earth with some kind of lazer beam

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I know right? Why don’t these seasoned experts read indie music board Drowned in Sound to find out what they should be doing?!