Thailand cave rescue


This seems to have got lost a little in the coverage


Can’t imagine what that first period before anyone at all got to them felt like. Just sitting there in the dark, starving and assuming … :frowning:

I hope they get all the support they need - like once all the elation and visits to Man U (someone said world cup final? not sure how that would work) and all that stuff wears off.


FIFA invited them but it’s not going to work because it’s too soon, so they’ve said they’ll invite them to some other FIFA event in the future.

They’ll be paraded around the world for a bit before being forgotten about a la the Chilean miners:


I really hope we ever see them (if you get what I’m saying). I’m no child psychology expert, but can’t imagine that turning them into 5 min celebrities over the next few months is going to benefit them at all.


What are we supposed to be talking about in 2018 re: the Chilean miners?


eh… how great THE FILM was


Wow they don’t fuck about do they?



Urgh. I meant to say ‘never’.


Four more have been rescued!


All the boys are in good physical condition but are in quarantine whilst under observation.