Don’t think we have a Thailand thread yet and I’m going in a few weeks.

If you have recommendations for Krabi/Phuket (we’re staying in Ao Nang, Ko Yao Noi and Kamala) and Bangkok that will be personally useful but feel free to talk about other areas.


which part of bangkok are you staying?

Where are you staying in Ko Yao Noi? I stayed at three different places there.

Just south of Lumphini park:


Nice! Good location. We stayed at a very nice resort at the very north of the island and it was super nice but food was rubbish and there was nowhere else to go cause it was so far away from anything. Shame really!

It’s a very nice quiet island. You can also take your moped over to ko yao yai which has slightly nicer beaches.

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Stayed here for a few days. Fantastic place! Best breakfast buffet I’ve ever had.

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Ah cool, we’re only there for a couple of nights in a nicer hotel than we’re staying in elsewhere for some relaxation so happy with it being a quieter island. Looks to be a few restaurants and stuff in that area.

Oddly specific but thank you

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Planning a trip there later this year. Any tips @j0hn ?

Ao Nang, Krabi: very touristy but I didn’t mind it, I think because it was quite international. Really spectacular area around it with the cliffs and karsts. Loads of boat tours to various islands, we did one involving snorkeling which was cool. We stayed here which I think was one of the cheapest places we stayed but had a nice room, breakfast and pool. Could have easily stayed longer.

Ko Yao Noi: really quiet, similarly beautiful, the bay near our hotel was so calm and warm and felt like a tropical paradise. Unfortunately my partner injured her leg getting onto the boat over so we didn’t get to explore any further, spent a lot of time walking back and forth to the local clinic sorting out insurance (tbf it was pretty conveniently located and well staffed for how quiet the island was).

Kamala, Phuket: fine, didn’t explore much of Phuket (see above). Saw elephants here which seemed to be well run and ethical.

Bangkok: It’s worth visiting a big temple if you like ornate buildings. Did quite a few things from this guide which is good What To Do In Bangkok - A 3 Day Itinerary - Nerd Nomads Sunset from Golden Mount Temple is recommended. We probably could have made a better rooftop bar choice, we tried to go here but when we got out of the lift they directed us to a different lift and we ended up here where we did get our own booth overlooking the city but the first menu we were given only had champagne cocktails, and when I asked if they had other drinks they gave a second menu with £40 cocktails which we went for. They did let us go to the Sky Bar to see the views from the other side of the building afterwards but I did feel slightly scammed. This mall food court is good If you end up on Khaosan Road then this bar was good

Overall: would recommend, pretty much everyone was friendly and helpful.

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Has anyone ever travelled north? Bf and I aren’t sure where to go and whether to just stick to the south (similar to John’s trip basically). Chang Mai and Chang Rai both look impressive but wondering if internal flights etc will be a faff for a two week break (bf isn’t a huge fan or packing up and moving on to somewhere else too often).

Chang Mai and chang Rai are both great. I got a bus from bangkok. Took about 9 hours and cost less than a tenner

We were planning to go to Chiang Mai until we realised it would have been during smoky season, seemed like there was a good train route from Bangkok, plus lots of internal flights. The trip might have felt a bit rushed if we’d added an extra destination though.

We’re in Chiang Mai right now! Great little town, loads to do and a very different vibe to Bangkok. Overnight train 9 from Bangkok is brand new, air con and has very comfortable beds - leaves Bangkok at 6.40pm and is in Chiang Mai at 7.30 the next morning. We booked via 12go - and picked the tickets up near the station.

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Can I ask what the beds might be like for a tall person?

Finally booked

Kao Yao Yai
Chiang Mai

Dropped the idea of sleeper trains once i realised how cheap internal flights are.

Any reccs send my way!

Have you done this trip yet? Thinking of doing something similar next year so wondered how it went?

I did! Went in November. We did 2 nights in the mountains, to get over jetlag, then on to Patong, Kao Yao Yai, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

If I were to do it again, I would have gone straight to Kao Yao Yai from the airport as it was like a little paradise and very relaxing. Patong was fine as a base to reach other parts of Phuket, but Patong itself was pretty stressful to walk around. Being beckoned into massage parlours etc is a bit of a novelty at first but it becomes exhausting when you’re just trying to find somewhere for dinner. But as I say, it was a good base to get to other parts of Phuket (we did the Bamboo island / Beach from “The Beach” etc tour which was great) and the old town is lovely, if a bit of tourist-bait.

After Patong, Kao Yao Yai was a welcome bit of peace and we didn’t do much there other than eat and sit in the sun in our resort. There are other islands which are more “lively” I gather, but we weren’t really after that.

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