Thank Crunchie It's Friday

No daily thread yet?

Will you be eating a crunchie today? Or maybe a boost? What ARE you looking forward to today?


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Argh! Knew I typed too much.

Can someone move mine here??

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Hey Rob. I’m working the later, so not in until 11ish. Listened to Neil Young’s latest release a few times already. That was good. Managed to book a national trust visit to Stourhead next week, so the day is probably already done.

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Cat woke me up at 4am, 5.15 and 6.45 the fuzzy little prick. Not got much to do today though apart from take Mrs F to the optician and eat a lot of crisps.

Have got Lions, Wispas, Flakes and Toffee Crisps in the house but no Boosts or Crunchies, sorry.

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Morning went to Morrison’s at 7am to get some beer

Got some pretty funny looks


I do not miss the all night sessions where I would draw the short straw to get the cans in at 8am.

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Not drinking them now just wanted to go and not queue to get in

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Then I have outed myself as a hooligan.


Morning babes

Didn’t sleep til 2 but surprisingly fresh and chipper all the same




Just been food shopping. This weeks menu includes

Veggie Katsu curry
Feta Stuffed peppers & salad
Broccoli and Stilton soup
Veggie Burritos
Veggie Lasagne & garlic bread
Cheese and Potato Pierogi

Had toast and coffee. Now work. Later… :man_shrugging:


Ah, sorry Slicky. I’ve learned from bitter experience that the only safe starting post on a daily thread is a short one.

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Want to change either my Insta or DiS handle as they’re the same and want to try and make myself a bit more… incognito online.

  • Change your DiS username you’ve had since 2004
  • Change your Insta username you’ve had since 2013
  • Dear god this is boring just do what you want

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But which will you have today?

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I told you, Lion, Wispa, Flake and Toffee Crisp!


Ah, so the “all of the above” option!

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Hi hi.

Last night I was all let’s get up early and crack on with the very large amounts of work I have to do today but here j am in my pyjamas, eating crumpets and creating threads.

I read last night @colon_closed_bracket saying he always feels like nothing pertinent to say and it made me remember how I always think of these threads like the good Royle Family episodes where they just sit about talking about dinner and nonsense but it’s all so lovely.

Anyways, what you up to? How’s the rain? Got big Friday night plans?? 🤷


Hey Slicky, bought a waffle thing this week so the weekend will involve a LOT of cooked batter.

Also in possibly related news - Getting quite fat as I can’t really exercise. And I love cooked batter.

Also finished Little Fires Everywhere. My favourite bit was where

the fireman quietly says “There were little fires everywhere”

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