thank fuck it's friday evening




Fuck, getting takeaway.


@roastthemonaspit did I just spot you in Edinburgh again?

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Bit annoyed cos my northern monk box didn’t show up and there was something in there I was really looking forward to. Just have to drink one of my stupid other wanker beers then :man_shrugging:

Got a big :pizza: in the oven (gonna eat it with a :fork_and_knife:), got the second Matrix film on the go. Can’t remember when the long, terrible sex scene pops up, really hope I’ll be done eating by then.

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Just realized how I’m going to make my millions!

an anthology TV show with each series being a new adaption of Ursula K. LeGuin!

This is such a good idea

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Everything packed. Don’t think we’re going to forget anything important…



Found beer! Yay!


the worlds of ursula k le guin documentary is finally being shown on PBS in America tonight so a dodgy rip is almost certainly gonna pop up on the internet soon. supposed to be very very good if that’s something you might be into

also someone said they were gonna make an ursula le guin thread, for all our ursula le guin needs and haven’t done it. what a world.


going to eat a pizza, stpffp or whatever the acronym was

don’t any plans. I just finished watching a 4 hour film, I may just go to bed


Evening V, all,

Fank thuck indeed.

Heading out for a few beers in a garden with @elthamsmateowen in a short while, which is nice, isn’t it? Got to try to be sensible as we’ve got a family bbq in Southampton tomorrow, but accidentally already had a bottle of prosecco.

Yuck, i just picked up my glass by the bowl, how uncouth!


Think Winifred wants a snack.

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Loads of people having a nice time in the sun. I made friends with a family in the pub. The youngest son has psoriasis.

happy friday all



Staying in with drinks. I’ll watch the final episode of Orange Is The New Black and then a film on Netflix. Might watch The Son. Reviews have been favourable.

Warning - mildly gross

Had a big lump of ear wax come out in work earlier. I mean massive, like it was 1cm long (yes, I did get a ruler out and measure it). Answered the phone shortly after and was thinking “fuck me this is loud”.

Feel mildly unbalanced now as I’ve suddenly got really clear hearing in one ear and absolutely not in the other. Could do with the same happening in that one to even things out.


You’re getting WGW tonight fam

All I’ve had today is a salad :green_salad:

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Should I

  • Stay in, drink wine and phone pizza
  • Got out and consume everything possible

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