Thank God it’s Fridya (the 30th of September)

I’m on a volunteering day doing some litter picking today. So of course it’s raining.

Gym, fish and chips and finishing off The Rehearsal later.



Busy old morning. Drive 45 miles to drop the kids off at my parents, drive back (via McDs?), drop a wedding cake off at a venue, home to finish tidying up the house for some visitors, shower and get into my nice clobber to out for lunch, wedding. Could quite happily stay in bed to be tbh.

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Morning :wave:

Working from home today. Then rabbits are arriving! :rabbit2: :rabbit2:


Two dogs playing hide and seek

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Of all the days to have to get up and travel for work grumble grumble

Lots of new music and some book reading on the train to keep me happy though

It’s my birthday and I’m hungover and need to get to Manchester for indymanbeercon then not get too drunk because I’m going again tomorrow


Happy birthday @safebruv !

Happy rabbit day @colon_closed_bracket

Happy two dogs day @barleysugar

Happy McDs lunch and fancy clobber and nae kids day @rich-t

Happy grumble grumble day @JaguarPirate

Skills on the volunteering @jordan_229

Friday, off to the office, set of difficult meetings to negotiate, then solo parenting including a clash of sports (youngest at bball while eldest is at football). Also got the sorest shoulder going, is shoulder amputation a thing?


Can’t help but imagine it’ll end up with you and the cheeksters in the hutch, and the rabbits having full free range of your house.



Day off. Had a lie in of sorts.

Got my flu jab at 12.

Going to take the dog out and maybe have a little bike ride before the weather turns absolutely foul this afternoon.

HB, @safebruv! :partying_face: :cake:

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put my holiday in so there’s only something like 13 days til christmas now.




Morning punx,

got woken by my eldest running in wearing his halloween costume that has turned up. terrifying.

Just want to get through today really. Everything seems a bit shit so hoping an early walk in the park will sort me out.

Have fun out there


Had a 7 o’clock work call this morning. Fuck off Australia.


Done a 5k run, got 2 interviews this afternoon.


Meeting x 4
Art show at CCFCA
Today is my Thursday

Happy cakes @safebruv :birthday::relaxed:

Alright, the England cricket team 1989-2005 (and much of the time before and since)


Hanging out in Lewes for a bit this morning. I’m currently at the dentist, but after that I’m off to Argos to collect a cat flap, which for some reason I can collect here yet they can’t deliver to my house, or move stock to a more convenient store.

Then back home to work, with the obligatory trip to the Basketmakers at lunch, combined with picking up the new Björk from Resident

Oh, and HP BD @safebruv

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Back at work today after two days off, which is normally dread central, but I came back to find that I’d been sent a freebie copy of the first RATM LP on vinyl so that was alright.

Also, the bus this morning appeared to be about to crash into Jupiter, which would have been something to chat about


After 4 days of ginger cake and ice-cream for breakfast, this morning’s fruit and fibre was a devastating crash back to Earth :sob:

My throat hurts, I slept terribly and now I have a headache :frowning: