Thank TGI It’s Friday

Hallo from Paris.

Somehow having a holiday despite the tricky news of sudden restrictions tests and so on

Yday ate a lot of good food and relaxed for the first time in months.

Hbu? Give me your morning neeeews



Making pizza for Friday night dinner.

Tomorrow I am going yo be walking Akira the dog to his vet and back because somehow the Pandemic has rendered him scared to ho in my in laws’ car. That should be fun.


Akira Akira



Up early today as I’m traveling into the big city in 3 hours and need to organise my shit before then. Meeting 3 close friends for a xmas dinner tonight :sparkling_heart: We got worried it wouldn’t be possible because of new covid resteictions this week, but because there’s so few of us we’ll be alright.

Also seeing my parents’ new crib (and skeeping in it) for the first time :house_with_garden:

Go on and smash the shit out of this Friday, everyone!


Hey xylo. Insanely envious of you tbh ngl. Hope you’re having a blast.

Listening to the Long Blondes reissue of the first album (@Funkhouser) that came out today with all the brilliant b-sides from the singles. :heart: Fulwood Babylon. Reminds me being 19-20 and hanging with my now wife.

Oh yeah it’s Friday innit. Last weekend off before NY. So that’s something


Off work today. Gonna do some crimbo shopping and then hit the gym before going to a pals gig. Feeling a bit rough but passed two rona tests.
Then off to London this w/e

Hoping today I can eat some toast. Dream big.



It’s payday, so going to head into Brum to get a few Christmas bits and pieces and also probably something nice for lunch.

It’s quite windy again though, so might end up catching the b*s rather than biking up.

Oh yeah, it payday for me too. Woooo


Work Christmas party today. I’m self employed - it’s a mildly boozy lunch with my wife.

It’s my eldest daughter’s opening night at the theatre tonight. She’s as cool as a cucumber. I’m nervous as hell on her behalf.



Glad you made it over there, Xylo.

One a half-day today as we’ve got our staff Christmas meal this afternoon. Not a big fan of sitting down for dinner at 3.30pm tbh - think I might have some kind of brunch or something.

Please remember the pledge that I committed you all to two days ago that today we would all call in sick.

Rubbish night’s sleep. Very dull weekend coming up tbh, but I’m OK with that.

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Already amongst it lads. Will check in after I’ve done as many rollercoasters as my balance and stomach allow


Morning all.

Walked the dog in foul weather. One false start as we stepped out of the door at the moment it started hailing. Obviously it’s stopped now we’re back in.

Christmas work meal this evening cancelled, so no plans at all for once I’ve finished with work.


I’ve been sleeping terribly all week and this morning I have a meeting first thing with a demanding client and I’m just dreading it because I’m too tired to function properly. Then I’m meant to be going to a Christmas party (I’ve been invited as I’m currently freelancing for the place) but I would much rather come home and chill in front of some boring telly and go to bed early.

Woke myself up on two separate occasions from laughing cos my dreams were so funny.

First one was about some weird climbing sport where this man was like no I don’t need a team so he did it on his own but shat himself when climbing and was like omg usually my teammates would be behind me covering my arse but now everyone can see the poo on my pants. And the best bit was he had wrapped every single item up at home and named all his family on them. Like set the table with wrapped up plates and cutlery and that, all with ornate name tags. I thought it was hilarious.


Hey hey!

Late night because I was waiting up for my other half to come in from a work do, then an early start because of an excitable child. I’d quite like to go back to bed right now.

Crap nights sleep followed by the 7am alarm I set last Friday going off again.

Thinking about what DiS can do to support Human Rights Day, given our rights are being fucked over constantly and for some reason Dominic Raab is against the human rights act but can’t seem to explain why.

Can’t wait for this week to end and doomscroll for 2 days.

I’m on it now. So good. Need to order the record and a t-shirt (RIP my original sky blue one) tonight too.

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Hi everyone. Tired today and got a mountain of work to do. Work Christmas meal tonight which is good cause it’s free.