Thank you all for electing me your new King of the Entertainment! Board

I am happy to announce that @anon42112221 is my dedicated minion/Marvel Cinematic Universe correspondent, and @TKC now has the power to ban anyone who likes good films that he inexplicably doesn’t like.



I’d ban TKC from this sub forum if I could :wink:

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For this comment I have revoked your status as Lord of Reality TV/Eurovision.


good lord what is going on here

this cannot be good

Too late! Now stop complaining before I spoorloos you.

can you wield this new found power over the beer wankers too so that #teamBIPA gain their rightful place at the top of the foodchain?

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I 100% endorse this sentiment.

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I wholeheartedly support this decision

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hope this extra tapping around creates loads of ad money for sean